SAHM #427: Family Friday {9.23.16}

Super early post but I wanna try to get as much stuff that I have to do before done early as possible. So yeah…

I got to talk to my dad, papa, and nana today. M too! M just woke up when we got the okay to video chat, so she was so tired and wobbly. But of course when she saw her Papa, she had a grin ear to ear! Seeing her light up for someone who is a $300-500 plane ride away is sooooo amazing! Her other grandfather that lives 40-45 minutes away hasn’t seen her since May… That’s right! He hasn’t called or seen her since… wait no… he called for her birthday but I think she was asleep and he talked more to my hubby than to his granddaughter… but yeah… He hasn’t SEEN her since May… It’s been 4 almost 5 months!!!! It’s so sad and it’s not fair to M to not know him. Last time, M saw him, she didn’t even recognize anyone and she recognizes my mom’s voice and my dad’s voice and face so… They live in the Midwest and have only visited for my wedding and shortly after her birth. (I’ve visited 4 times… Granted, I had somewhere free to stay but I don’t have a big place and Hubby’s bro/sis lives with us so… it’s a family decision on who stays here.)


Melody is down for her nap, I’m blogging and watching YouTube on Hubby’s double monitor computer, and just did the dishes too. I’m about to work on something new too for you guys on my YouTube Channel 😉

Gotta go do that…

That’s it for now!

More tomorrow!!

Thanks for “listening”!!!


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