SAHM #739: Tuesday Post: Lazy Day… Sorta… {8.1.17}


Today’s been a little bit of a lazy day. They came and switched out our microwave. It’s the same but different a little. DK is out with his grandparents for lunch a movie.

M and I have been chillin’ out. She woke up at 5:30am so I gave her a bottle and figured I’d just try waking up at 6am…. She and I BOTH slept in till 9am!! She went to bed just before 8pm last night. Such a good kid! Just need to work on her speech and her eating habits. Going out and walking is a must. It’s raining right now so we can’t. Probably won’t be able to go out the rest of the week cause it’s supposed to rain and storm…

Anyways… I’m gonna see if the kiddo will curl up with me on the couch and watch a movie. Rainy days are always perfect for movies. I made her a strawberry smoothie and I’ll make some popcorn for a snack. She had a half bagel with cream cheese for lunch… plus a quarter of my half bagel!

Gotta get stuff done!

Thanks for “listening”!!

“See” ya soon!!!

xo Chelsea

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