SAHM #741: Thursday Post: Where did the time go?

Happy Thursday!
As I’m sitting here and typing up today’s Blog post…
I looked at the time and thought “Where did the time go?”
Did anyone else realize that we are officially over half way through the year with 5 months till Christmas?


I can’t believe it’s already almost 4pm. I am going to start writing my posts around 4/430pm and scheduling them to post at 6pm and then promoting after M goes to bed… I think… maybe… I don’t know…

Anyways… Where did the time go? The day is already half over… Wait! So is the YEAR!!! Can you believe it?

M and I are chilling out right now. I’m blogging (obviously) and she’s watching Puppy from Fisher Price. We’re singing and I’m trying to get her to repeat the words they are repeating and interacting with hand signals and movements with the songs; like “Wheels on the Car”. After we’re done chilling here in a couple of minutes, we’re gonna play on the floor with her toys and maybe read a book if she’ll sit still. Then off to the fountain again. We went this morning and got the mail and walked a little bit. I wanna take one of the kits and some flash cards to the wireless center and see if she’ll be able to concentrate better there. It’s quiet, no one is ever in there, and it will have NO distractions. If she can concentrate for just 5 minutes then we’ll keep going down there and slowly increase the time as she pays attention longer. She napped for 2 hours today so I think the walking and protein she inhaled helped that. I need some simple cheap meals that a kid like her will eat. She’s a little picky but after burning off a lot of energy she’ll eat almost anything…

Right now, she is drinking some pedialyte and snacking on some organic crackers… and farting up a storm and burping a little bit😆 We’ve only watched 2 episodes of Sesame Street on PBS this morning. We might sit down and watch a movie after our walk. I have some cleaning to do. I’d rather her sit and snack and watch Trolls then start at her tablet while I clean.

She must be reading my mind cause she just turned on Trolls on her tablet 😆

Anyways… Need to get some stuff done. Only a little over 3 hours till Hubby is off. We’re not gonna go down and meet him tonight cause he has to stop and get milk so he won’t be home till the bugs are out.

Well… That’s my day!

Thanks for “listening”!!

“See” you soon!!!

xo Chelsea

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