SAHM #742: Friday Post: 11 years ago… {8.4.17}

Happy Friday!
11 years ago today, I got a comment on Gothopia from my future husband.
Moving across country, getting our own place, engagement, marriage, and a child.
I don’t regret a single thing that has happened in the last 11 years since I responded to his comment.
Everything happens for a reason right?

(Stay At Home Mom Day #742)


Other than the little bit of drama… The day was good. I’m just tired of all the negativity. I really just want to tell the person causing it or saying negative things that I don’t want her doing it around my daughter… She just… doesn’t need to be around that. We need positivity in our life only.

Today marks the day that I met my husband 11 years ago. Though it wasn’t actually in person I still remember the day because it changed my world 1000%. I had just graduated high school, had a major surgery on both my feet, had a major personal trauma happen to me that I didn’t tell anyone until I realized what had happened months later… my uncle died, and it was the last summer vacation I’d get cause I was about to start college and look for a job. Though I had a boyfriend at the time, my husband had quickly become one of my best friends. We would talk all night literally and continue the conversation the next day. I would get out class the same time he’d be getting off of work. We were in different states on opposite sides of the country and we still managed to make a friendship into a romance and then keep that romance until I would move across country to start my life for me and to be with the man I thought was the one. I’m glad I was right. I worked my butt off and got an airplane ticket and packed my stuff up. I was ready to take the plunge!

In the 11 years that I have known this man, I have felt happy, sad, scared, anxious, confident… I’ve grown up, having spent my entire adulthood with him. I feel as though his family has known me all my life. They certainly have known me my entire adulthood. I met Hubby just 5 days after I had turned 18 and had moved in after I turned 19. I did an entire year of college before we were together. We had spent a total of 16 days together in person and the rest was long distance phone calls and over $100 a month of overages…

We did a lot before I moved out here…

In the 11 years I have loved this man, we have had our ups, downs, happy, sad, mad, and a big change. We move out to be on our own, got engaged, became unemployed, broke, rich, broke again, got married, added his brother to our family and helped HIM through the last half of his senior year and was able to see him grow the last 3 years, and then of course just a couple of weeks after his brother moved in… I found out I was pregnant with the most precious part of our life… Our daughter, who just turned 2.

Would I change anything at all in the last 11 years?

No. I honestly believe that everything that has happened; the good, bad and very ugly; happened for a reason and brought me to who I am now… and where I am now. I have nothing to complain about other than the dirty clothes in my laundry room and the smelly trash.

Well… That’s my day…

Thank you for “listening”!!

“See” you soon!!!

xo Chelsea

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