Currently Watching: Game of Thrones {8.6.17}

Happy Sunday!
Did you watch Game of Thrones?
If not, I would skip this blog post considering there is a hint of a spoiler in it… Which I apologize for… can’t help but be excited about the show…


Game of Thrones
TV Watching Update

Is anyone else hoping that Jon Snow and the Mother of Dragons get together because they would be powerful as a couple? Oh and by the way! Did you hear that they may shorten Season 8 and make the episodes close to 2 hours each?! 

xo Chelsea

SAHM #744: Sunday Post: Family Day {8.6.17}

Happy Sunday!
Why is there never enough time in the day?
(Stay At Home Mom Day #744)

The goal today is this…

Clean the house, get groceries for the week, meal plan for next week, go to the library, spend some time outside and/or at the pool and/or park, get the week organized and ready for anything.

I have the dishes done… almost. I have a few I just found and made. Laundry is going. Hubby is still sleeping and M has been napping just under an hour. DK is sleeping and probably has to work. We’re gonna make spaghetti tonight. I have quite a few things that I need to get done for my “job” and for my social media. I wanna do a few things for myself and have Hubby watch the kid. I wanna clean the house 100%… minus the closet and storage room (again) that I can’t do myself.

There is a lot I wanna fit in today and it’s already almost 11:30am. (I’m “writing” this up early and posting for later.) Need to start the day so…

Thanks for “listening”!!

“Talk” soon!!!

xo Chelsea

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