Currently Watching: Game of Thrones {8.13.17}

Happy Sunday!

Just watched the new episode of Game of Thrones!
Only 2 episodes left!

(Currently Watching Update)


Game of Thrones
Currently Watching Update

Okay… It’s official… If Jon Snow and Mother of Dragons don’t get together… I’m going to throw a fit. On the other hand… If you haven’t watched ANY episode… I would HIGHLY suggest that when you sit down to watch it, that you make it a full day’s event because there is NO WAY that you will be able to sit and watch only a couple of episodes at a time. It’s hard enough to watch ONE episode every Sunday waiting for the next episode to come! There is only TWO EPISODES LEFT!!!

xo Chelsea

Planner Girl Stuff: Glamicorn Preview 8.14

Preview into the week of August 14’s spread
Glamicorn by WildSummerDesigns in my ECLP2018 Vertical Neutral

SAHM #751: Sunday Post: Video Post #5 {8.13.17}

Happy Sunday!

Happy Anniversary to my Nana and Papa!
This is my 5th blog video post in a row and I’m really enjoying it!

(Stay At Home Mom Day 751)


Thanks for “listening”!!

“Talk” soon!!!

xo Chelsea

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Planner Girl Stuff: Fairy Garden Full Week

Full Week
Fairy Garden by WildSummerDesigns
ECLP 2018 Vertical Neutral

Full Week
Fairy Garden by WSD
ECLP2018 Vertical Neutral