The Mom Life: Saturday Morning {11.11.17}

Good Morning!

This is the first time in a long time that I have done one of these…

(Stay At Home Mom Day 841)


Good Morning!

I just wanted to hop on here and say “Good Morning!” and “Hi!”

I’m not fully out of my funk but I feel like it’s not something that is gonna last forever. I really just want to take a day to myself but that won’t ever happen. I’m really hoping that on Monday, I will have some kind of inside as to what we can do to help Melody. Part of me really hopes that they say “There is nothing wrong with her. She’s just on ‘Melody Time'” and part of me hopes that they say “Well, I don’t think there is anything too wrong with her and that her communication sounds like it’s getting better but why don’t we do a few sessions and see if that helps and if it does then all you need to do is just keep working with her like you have been.”

I know everything will go great but at the same time, I feel like she needs to try harder… no… I need to work harder… I get frustrated after a while of saying “no” and trying to get her to repeat words that she needs to use to communicate. She has “no” and “yeah” and “Hi” and “bye” down but… she needs a lot more. I’ve NEVER claimed she didn’t need help with her speech. She is perfect in my eyes in the way every mother sees their child. But we need help in the speech department. Going upstairs, walking, running, those kind of skills she’s gotten a million times better since the beginning of the year. Now, we just need help in the communication. She’s very smart and if you spend time with her, you see she knows how to talk but it doesn’t come out clearly aloud as it does in her head and she gets frustrated with that. She’s a good kid… a smart kid… She knows how to do a lot of things… just not saying the words correctly from her head to aloud. She gets mad/frustrated and will throw a fit… but what toddler doesn’t?

Anyways… Moana is almost over and then we’re gonna watch Sesame Street and I really hope that Hubby is up well before her nap at 11am so that she doesn’t fight it like she has been when he’s home on the weekends…

More soon!

xo Chelsea

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