Video: Clean With Me: Kitchen (Part 2) {YouTube}

Part 2 of yesterday’s video!


Video: Cook and Clean With Me {YouTube}

Let’s cook and clean!

Saturday Post: Bella Boo’s Birthday and More {10.13.18}

It’s Bella Boo’s Birthday and we have some errands to do…
Now if only Hubby would hurry up!!

(Saturday, October 13, 2018)

We were hoping to see Hubby’s dad today but they aren’t doing anything special for his grandmother’s (not EG) bday. Her birthday was yesterday but they are celebrating it today.

Today is Bella Boo’s 7th birthday. She is now considered a senior. If you don’t already know, Bella Boo is my Neapolitan Mastiff. We have had her since she was 15 months old. Perfectly healthy… she is starting to limp some and that’s cause Mastiffs tend to have horrible hips and joints.

At the moment, I am getting ready to figure out, as quickly as I can, how to get my blog merged with my previous one. I don’t know why I didn’t just change the name instead of starting all over again. I think I was thinking it would be a good “new start” cause this blog starts at the beginning of the year…

Waiting for Hubby to get to a “save point” and then change so we can leave.

More when I can!!

Thanks for “listening”!!!

xo Chelsea

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Fall Break: Week 2 finished {10.12.18}

Two days in row!? It’s a blogger miracle!

(Friday, October 12, 2018)

Both of my hubby’s grandmothers were born on the same day but 18 years apart. EG is in Vegas and his other grandmother is home. Hoping to go up to FH to visit tomorrow… just waiting to hear back from his dad.

Gonna take Hubby to work when he gets here on his lunch. I’m thinking about putting my big girl pants on and finally taking a ride over to dollar tree. Still haven’t driven myself there or with M so we’ll see how it goes. If I get anything I’ll let you know with a haul though… the better haul will be when we go to the biggest Dollar Tree in the state. Luckily, it’s only a 25 minute drive there from here. It will be a girls day out. I’m thinking about vlogging but his family isn’t big on social media even though they look at it themselves (none have an account but they will check out whatever Google allows them to).

I’m gonna update my planner, watch some Hulu (aka shows that had new episodes last night), make breakfast, and my usual Friday morning routine. I’m thinking about making my daily routine videos next week after she is back in school, but I also have A LOT of catch up to do cause cleaning was a lot harder with her here and even more so with TV being SUPER tempting since it’s a brand new season. When she’s in school, I only watch it then or at night when Hubby goes to the gym.

If I’m lucky, I can watch an episode if she naps BEFORE we pick up Hubby but that doesn’t happen, especially since it’s easier for her to take a nap when we are waiting for him.

I’m going to try to get back into blogging daily once things settle again. I am also hoping to film 1-4 videos a week so I can post 2 videos a week. Right now, I’m thinking about posting on Mondays and Tuesdays but may change it to Thursdays and Fridays. But not sure. I was gonna post on Monday but… I may just post on the weekends. I don’t know. I originally like the Thursday/Friday schedule idea so we’ll see…

Right now, I need to get things going for the day!

More soon!!

Thank you so much for stopping by!!!

xo Chelsea

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Video: Planner Update (September 2018) {YouTube}

second of 2

Video: Life Update {YouTube}

First of two videos for this week.

Daily: Thursday Post {10.11.18}

Hey everyone…

It’s been awhile…

Lots has been going on. M is currently on Fall Break and we’ve been working on words and letters and numbers. She actually goes back next Wednesday and this is actually week 2 of Fall Break.

We’ve made a Frog Bag Puppet from her Big Busy Box. She’s said 3 letters more clearly. She knows all 26 but not all of them are said crystal clear. She’s doing really good with helping me clean and stay busy.

We just had mac and cheese for lunch. She used a fork 90% of the time before eating the last little bit in her bowl and some of my bowl with her fingers.

I just caught up on some YouTube videos. I also wanted to share that I have two new videos up right now. First is a Life Update video and the second is a Planner Update.

This post is taking forever to write so I’m gonna do it another day with more details. She goes back to school on Wednesday which will also be when we get back to our normal routine.

More soon (I hope)!!

xo Chelsea

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Monday Post: Lots going on and lots done {9.17.18}

I have finally gotten so much done it’s redic!

I finally dyed my hair! I colored it myself using the Garnier Olia in Darkest Brown (or 3.0). I have had it dyed for 3 weeks now. My natural hair color is a bit lighter, but my roots are REALLY dark.

I am trying out a new set of fake nails. They are from Static Nails. My husband read about them in an article and told me about them. They are $$ but so far they are worth it. They are supposed to last up to 18 days! They also told me in an IG message that it also depends on the lifestyle and how well you take care of your nails, but they can last longer. I have had one nail pop off every other day. I just put them on last Monday (9/10).

Driving has been getting much easier and my confidence has boosted by a lot. I love driving to a point. Last Tuesday, I had an experience of “keep it together, make your calls and do this!” and I did just that. I called my husband, his grandparents, Autozone, had my battery boosted and then drove over and had it replaced. So long story short, last Tuesday, my car took me to Hubby’s work and back but didn’t want to start to take M to work… imagine that. Luckily his grandparents didn’t leave till this past Thursday.

I have a solid daily cleaning routine, morning and evening routine, school day routine, and we are working on weekend routines right now.

Speaking of routines, it is 9:45am and I have to pick M up soon. I usually leave at 10am, get there about 10:15am, sit in the parking lot for 5-10 minutes and then walk to her building and pick her up.

After school, we’ll get to the car, I’ll hand her Binky (her blanket), call Hubby, then drive home. She has been very good with communicating what she wants to eat and drink, when she has need a new pull-up, and we’re currently working on her telling us if she has to go potty. We already have the potty routine down but it’s not bare butt yet. I was hoping to use the potty chair but she sits on it and her knees are bent high.

I have at least 10 videos I want to record but… just haven’t been in the grove to do so. I wanted to do two videos this morning but I’m so used to doing my Monday tasks, routine, and chores in a specific order that I’ve run out of time… which is why I’m blogging instead of vlogging.

Gotta run!

Time to pick up my baby!!

More when I can!!!

xo Chelsea

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2nd PS: If you decide to check out Static Nails, you get $5 off with your first purchase!

I have some explaining to do… {8.22.18}

So… I have a lot of explaining to do as to why I have been overly absent from my blog.

For one, M has been my number one priority. Without giving too much personal information or too much detail I’ll give you the quick version… M is a bit under developed when it come to speech, social, and some other developmental things that kids her age are doing. She’s still on her tip toes but that’s a work in progress. She turned three at the end of July, started school the day before her birthday… Yes, that’s right… She started preschool on July 23! She’s already 5 weeks in… or well… 4.5 weeks cause she’s sick so she’s missing today and tomorrow. She has a small cold that is already going away cause we caught it and have been treating it early enough.

I have been taking Hubby to work, M to school, then coming back and doing some housework. Then back to pick up M and go pick up Hubby shortly after. He has been on a project since mid July working 6am-3pm. M goes to school 8am to 10:30am. So I have a short time span to myself but I’ve been getting quite a bit done!

My mom got us another 3X3 cube storage, so I am using that for M’s stuff. Hubby just put it together this past Saturday. Been up only 4 days now. I still have some stuff to go through but after that our living room and dining area is done! Then we just have our overly unorganized, very messy closet to sort through.

I love driving to a point. I don’t mind taking Hubby to work or picking him up, but the drive back from taking M to school is a pain. Seems like going from the school to home is when the a-holes come out to drive.

Today, M has a cold so she won’t be at school as well as tomorrow (as previously stated). Hubby had a slight reaction to an “all natural” health pill so we had to take him to the urgent care. He’s fine now.

Other than that… It’s just been a long 5 weeks of getting up at 5am and going to bed by 9pm. There is a lot more to say but I’m going to eventually do a video on it.

That’s it for now!

Thank you so much for “listening”!!

“See” you soon!!!


PS: I am going to be working very hard for now on to try to get back into posting here. Make sure to check out my Where to Find Me section and click on my instagram link cause I’m there more than anywhere.

Fast Forward: June 18 to June 26

M got into the preschool program and starts July 23, which is a day before she turns 3. That night, she also got sick. She has been sick for about 2 weeks. I have called the doctor’s office and spoke to them twice and talked to the on call nurse through our insurance. She ended up in the urgent care cause we didn’t want to wait for her appointment with her regular doctor that day. Long story short, she’s on an antibiotic for her ear infection that hadn’t even started. It was just starting when they looked at her ear in the urgent care. She has had D for 2 weeks as well. Yesterday and today, she has gone #2 more times that I can count. She developed a nasty (side effect) rash but it keeps clearing up. It started yesterday late afternoon.

There has been drama on and off.

Tomorrow morning, M has OT at 8am. I will be posting a regular post (I hope) and then a Plan Ahead the following day cause THEY will be visiting.

I may have found a second planner peace option.

And… That’s it cause I need to make sure she gets some sleep. I’m tired from being up with her till 10:30pm last night. She had a bad belly ache and threw up on me… several times. I’m hoping that she doesn’t tonight so I don’t have to cancel her OT tomorrow morning.

Good night.

xo Chelsea

Sunday: Father’s Day {6.17.18}

Happy Father’s Day!

Good Morning!

Today is Father’s Day so we will be spending it with my Hubby’s dad. The plan is to get there early and to take Hubby and his dad to Portillo’s for free desert! Also we are getting a table and bed from one of Hubby’s coworkers. (THANK YOU!)

Happy Father’s Day!

xo Chelsea

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Saturday: Plan Ahead: Getting Weekend Stuff Done {6.16.18}

Lots to do today before tomorrow’s busier day!
Written 6/14/18 for Saturday, June 16, 2018
6 days till my wedding anniversary!

It’s unfortunately the same list as always for the weekend…

  1. Finish the closet
  2. Do the living room
  3. Clean the House
  4. Buy Groceries
  5. Plan the Week
  6. Meal Prep
  7. Laundry
  8. Deep Clean 1 room
  9. Wash Sheets
  10. Go for a walk around the complex

So… yeah… Hoping to cross everything off the list today…

Gotta Go!

More Soon!!

Thanks for “listening”!!!

xo Chelsea

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My poor baby girl has been very sick since Tuesday. She threw up Tuesday twice and then has “puked” this white milky phlegm Wednesday and yesterday. She almost threw up just now as well…

So I cancelled last night with OT cause if she’s not feeling good and being pushed to do something she doesn’t want to then she will for sure throw up.

There will possibly be a post later today if I get 5 minutes.

Thanks for understanding!!!

XO Chelsea

Friday: Plan Ahead: Forgotten OT {6.15.18}

Apparently we were “not on the schedule”…
Written 6/11/18 for Friday, June 15, 2018

OT was moved to today. Apparently we were “not in the schedule” again… OT is in an hour (at 10am). After OT, I think I’m gonna continue cleaning and do my Friday Tasks. Maybe even film another video…

Gotta Go!

More Soon!!

Thanks for “listening”!!!

xo Chelsea

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Thursday: When kids are sick… {6.14.18}

When kids are sick…
(Thursday, June 14, 2018)
8 days until my 4 year anniversary


This morning was rough… M woke up with night terrors and ended up getting so upset that she threw up. She still has some diarrhea but it’s becoming more solid. She at a fruit grain bar this morning and another half one last night. I can’t wait for her to feel better and eat more. It scares me when she doesn’t eat but who eats when they don’t feel good? I know I don’t. I’ve been feeling pretty nauseous, too, the last few days that she’s been sick but I think it’s cause of lack of sleep and stress.

Still hoping to get the kitchen cleaned and the living room presentable. Sorry these last few days haven’t been the greatest posts but when the kid is sick, nothing gets done. I just realized the time. Need to get ready to make Hubby his lunch and I need to drink another cup of coffee and try to get M to eat again. Hoping she takes a nap and when she does, it’s a long one. If she doesn’t wake up happy in the morning, I’m gonna tell her OT that it needs to be a short session since she doesn’t feel good and hasn’t gotten sleep this week. So…

Gotta Go!

More Soon!!

Thanks for “listening”!!!

xo Chelsea

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Wednesday: Feeling Better! {6.13.18}

Someone is feeling much better!
(Wednesday, June 13, 2018)
9 days till my 4th wedding anniversary!

Kiddo threw up again yesterday evening but I think it was cause she was upset. Today has just been a slow chill day. She ate a fruit and grain bar and drank some water and apple juice but that’s it so far…

I filmed a video, though I’m debating on refilming it… I’m hoping to have it up Friday morning. (Side Note: I will link my other videos soon!)

Well… It’s 4:30pm, the kiddo didn’t take a very long nap at all… I need to tidy up and well… to be honest… after getting no sleep yesterday, I’m still pretty exhausted.

Gotta Go!

More Soon!!

Thanks for “listening”!!!

xo Chelsea

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Tuesday: I’m exhausted! {6.12.18}

You guys… I’m exhausted!
(Tuesday, June 12, 2018)


Hopefully today is the first of many regular posts…

THEY left yesterday to travel till Saturday. Then Sunday is Father’s Day so we won’t see them until later next week…

But anyways…

I have been up since 4am. Little Miss wasn’t feeling well this morning and threw up twice. Once a little, once a lot. She has been fine though since then. A little warm so I gave her just a little bit of Tylenol. The only time she has ever felt warm like she did this morning is whenever she has had a mild fever. She already runs warm cause that’s just something she got from her daddy. They both run hot like furnaces but this morning she was running a bit warmer. If I had actually take her temperature, I would bet a million dollars that I don’t have that her temperature would have between 99.8 and 100.3.

I’m absolutely exhausted but I have a lot to do today. Yesterday was a complete emotional wreck! We went back to the school to find out how M did in her evaluation and based on what they saw and how responded… She’s a bit behind for her age. No imagination, lacks artsy interest, lack of many things… I’ll be honest… I spent the rest of the day hating myself wondering if I was a bad parent… but then…

I thought about it and if I was such a bad parent, I wouldn’t have gotten her help back when we noticed her development was a little bit behind. Her speech was our primary concern until she got evaluated back in November and noticed more. She hasn’t gotten worse. Since she started the program she is in, we have noticed a huge difference, but obviously she is still a bit behind.

Between now and July 23, when she starts preschool, we are going to work twice as hard with her. She’s getting the help she needs and that’s what matters.

I also reminded myself and my husband that even if we had money, spent our whole day playing with her, teaching her… she may still be where she is now. It happens! So at the end of July, she will be with helpful teachers and kids who are at the same place as she is with development. I have some phone calls that I am waiting for from the school. We are hoping that we can get her into a school that is super close by cause I will be the one taking her. I will have to drop off my hubby and then drop off the kiddo. They DO offer the busy which I’m sincerely considering if I’m not comfortable driving by the first day of school. I have already decided that if I’m not comfortable, she will ONLY take the bus until I AM comfortable. I’m really hoping that I can get comfortable quickly.

Alright… lots to do and cause DK is at work this morning, I also wanna do a few videos if I can wake up for them…

Gotta Go!

More Soon!!

Thanks for “listening”!!!

xo Chelsea

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2nd PS: OT got rescheduled to Friday morning…

Monday: Plan Ahead: Preschool Evaluation Results {6.11.18}

Results today! OT today! Busy Day!
(Monday, June 11, 2018)

We find out this morning if M got into the preschool program or not… Meeting is at 9am… If I remember, I’ll let you know ASAP if she got in…

Gotta Go!

More Soon!!

Thanks for “caring”!!!

xo Chelsea

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Sunday: Family Day {6.10.18}

Plans changed… not going THAT WAY but doing our usual Sunday of groceries, cleaning, meal prepping, and small errands….

Right now, it is 8:43am and that’s the same time as when I wrote up yesterday’s I think… We were talking about going to see his grandparents tomorrow but decided against it so that we could get some stuff done today.

Currently, I’m watching youtube. Which reminds me… I have a few videos that I’ve done and not yet shared here on my blog so I will have those up soon! I just posted a tiny sticker haul from WildSummerDesigns.

Hubby is still sleeping, M is on the bed with him with breakfast and her tablet, and I’m getting ready to clean up some while they are in the other room. Plans are simple today. Hubby is gonna pick up our groceries between 10am-11am, we’re going to CostCo, and gonna try and get the closet done so that we can move some of the stuff in the living room to our closet until we get the cube organizers we need. I also still have some cleaning to do. I was able to dust but I still need to vacuum. We have an early morning tomorrow; meeting at 9am and OT at 10:45am.

Hoping to get all this done today. Or at least the cleaning part… but we’ll see…

Gotta Go!

More Soon!!

Thanks for “caring”!!!

xo Chelsea

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Saturday Post: Let’s Get It Done! {6.9.18}

I know it’s still early but the goal is to clean the house, get groceries, and get the closet done and some of the living room. We are getting a table and a new bed from a coworker’s of Hubby’s in a couple of weeks. We need to do the closet and finish the living room so we can make room for the stuff. I really hope we can get it done cause next weekend is Father’s Day weekend and I wanna get a couple of the cube organizers to finish off our place.

So yeah… A LOT to do… and I feel like there is never enough time on the weekends cause Hubby always sleeps in late. But right now, since I finally got my BLOG caught up… I’m gonna get off here, hop in the shower, and start getting sh*t done. Oh and his grandparents are leaving for a week on Monday so we’re gonna see them tomorrow… I hate visiting them on Sundays cause Hubby works early the next day… Oh one more thing… The preschool evaluation was Wednesday… don’t ask cause I honestly don’t know how she did or if she’ll get in but I really hope so. If not, then I will be doing a year of homeschooling for her before starts preschool/pre-k in a year. We’ll find out Monday Morning…

Again… lots to do so…

Gotta Go!

More Soon!!

Thanks for “caring”!!!

xo Chelsea

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Friday: Plan Ahead: Visit 2 of 2… here… {6.8.18}

THEY are visiting. EG is taking M and I to Dollar Tree. Then we are all going to Roadhouse for dinner…

Gotta Go!

More Soon!!

Thanks for “caring”!!!

xo Chelsea

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Plan Ahead: Thursday Post {6.7.18}

Solo OT session with the new team lead…

Gotta Go!

More Soon!!

Thanks for “caring”!!!

xo Chelsea

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Wednesday: Plan Ahead: Evaluation {6.6.18}

Can’t believe we’re one step closer to M starting school…
Written 5/30/18 for Wednesday, June 6, 2018.

Well… Today, M has her evaluation at 10am so here’s hoping all goes well and we get her into the location we want… Hubby took the day off though I tried to tell him he really only needed to take the morning off…

Wish us luck!

More Soon!!

Thanks for “caring”!!!

xo Chelsea

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Tuesday: Plan Ahead: Visit 1 of 2 {6.5.18}

A nagging afternoon with EG.

That’s all!

More Soon!!


xo Chelsea

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Rewind: Monday Post {6.4.18}

Um… so that was awhile ago…

(Monday, June 4, 2018)

Honestly… not a whole lot that I can remember happened… it was a long night and I got zero sleep so I was pretty tired all day… it was a big blur…

Gotta go!

More Soon!!

Thanks for “being here”!!!

xo Chelsea

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