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Today is the day!

I’ve decided that today is the day!
Today is the day I get my shit straight! No more procrastinating! I’m gonna suck it up and get shit done that I’ve been putting off! This includes: cleaning, organizing, phone calls, working out, and standing up for myself and my family. Putting my foot down when things need to go a certain way.

Today is the day I drive in the driver’s seat (figuratively for the moment)!

I feel good today! I feel like I can accomplish anything! I’m saying this not just for myself… but for anyone who is struggling! If you need a reason to, go look in the mirror. Who do you see? What do you see? When I look in the mirror, I see a new mom that just wants to go back to the way things were before having a kid, but can’t. Now, she has to get responsible, put her “big mama” pants on and be an adult/mom. Or at least this is what I saw before. Now, I see a loving, caring, goofy, diaper changing, blanket monster mommy who can’t wait till her daughter wakes up from her nap just so she can cuddle, kiss, and hug her baby girl.

My daughter has grown so much and she’s only 19 months old. Talking, walking, running, stomping, clapping, cuddling, kissing, hugging, and melting everyone’s heart. It’s only 11:24am and I am excited to see the living room opened up and toys every where and ready to be played with. We have our own mommy-daughter routine every day and it’s what works for US. I’m not gonna listen to books or what the doctor’s standards are/will be because every kid is different. My kid was a little behind with some stuff but now she’s ahead of the game. She doesn’t just say one word, she says “I can do it” “I did it” and “yeah baby”. She’s gonna grow on her own pace and all I can do is be patient and help guide her along the way.

I woke up feeling really good. I guess 7 hours of sleep works well for me. (LOL) Anyways…

I have a few things to catch up on with you guys and a ton of things to catch up with here at home. Home will trump this blog for just a few days till they leave on Wednesday. Wednesday I’ll get my routine back. Plus I have a ton of videos to do. I’m going to put my family and home before social media. It’s what I’ve been doing the last 3 weeks. It’s really weird but I’m loving it!

Gotta go. I have a few things I have to do that I can only do when Melody is sleeping.

Thanks for “listening”!!

“See” you later!!!


Goodbye February, Hello March!


SAHM #578: Tuesday Post {2.21.17}

Just put Melody down for her (first) nap. She has been in there almost 30 minutes and I’ve calmed her down twice. I think she’s almost asleep, but my hubby’s keyboard is mechanical so it’s super loud especially through thin walls.

There is a lot to talk about but I can’t do it here. I have things I wanna talk about in my next Rant Vlog. It sucks being the only person who plans and gets shit done. I’m considering taking a big leap and taking Hubby back to work on his lunch and driving back and then coming and getting him, but instead of going home, we will go to the store. I’m thinking about taking him to work and then to the park that is up the street. Then again… I think one day at a time will work. Gonna maybe pull the plunge and take him to work when he goes back but it will also depend on M. She just fell asleep. Literally. So we’ll see if she up in the next hour or not. Hopefully, she’ll get some decent sleep.

Gonna go for now though…

More soon!

Thanks for “listening”!!

“See” you next time!!!


PS: Did you read yesterday’s post?

2nd PS: Have you watched my latest YouTube video?

SAHM #577: Monday Post {2.20.17}

Just realized it’s President’s Day… Too bad hubby doesn’t have it off.


HELLO!!! I know I’ve been lacking. I have been busy. I’m going to do some hardcore cleaning this week. I have decided that being lazy and unproductive will kill me in the end. Just kidding. I have been a little lazy since THEY left and since THEY will be back on Saturday, I need to do some hardcore cleaning. I am going to create some charts for myself and put them in my XL binder that I have. I have decided that I want to use it for a managing my household. Since I am home by myself, and am still not yet comfy with driving by myself, I am going to make the most of it at home until I am. It will never just happen over night but I am making it a goal to be comfortable driving by myself by my birthday. I have just less than 6 months to put my big mommy panties on and drive… alone… with the kid…

THEY are visiting but not a normal visit. They have to find a house before the end of March. Hopefully, it will be sooner rather than later so that they will have plenty to do for a while and we can all figure out how it’s gonna be. I really hope that EG doesn’t think I will be like my mother-in-law (RIP) and depend on her. She didn’t after they left obviously but while Hubby was growing up she did. Anyways…

My biggest thing is that they will have to respect that we have lives and just cause they move here, doesn’t mean that we are going to alter it completely for them. I will be switching things around just like when they visit, except instead of it being every day for 1 to however many weeks, it will just be each time they come to visit. I am probably going to make it my best effort to get comfortable driving by myself (short distances) before they are here permanently because I want to be able to say, “Sorry, we have a busy day today. Maybe this weekend would be better.” I want to be able to go grocery shopping, without “are we done yet”, and go to the park and meet moms. Maybe even find a mommy and me class.

I don’t know we’ll see. Kiddo just woke up so I gotta go!

More when I can!!

Thanks for “listening”!!!


Video: Plan With Me {February 20-26}

SAHM #574: Friday Post {2.18.17}

Woke up to Hubby having a nightmare. He was yelling and screaming in his sleep. That woke up the baby. So after calming Hubby, I waited for M to fall back asleep. Then Hubby snored all night. Resulting to 2 hours of sleep. I’m exhausted.

More when I can!

Thank you for “listening”!!

“See” you soon!!!


SAHM #573: Thursday Post {2.16.17}


More when I can!

Thank you for “listening”!!

“See” you soon!!!


SAHM #572: Wednesday Post {2.15.17}

Today… D’s grandparents sold their house. They will be here in 2 weeks to start looking for a home here. Realistically they should have been looking at houses every time they visited in my opinion.

Valentine’s Day was okay. Hung out with the kid. DK was in his bedroom all day. When Hubby came home he had a few things for me. I loved all but one of them. We have to exchange it for a diff size.

But anyways…

Been really tired. THEY just left Monday so after 3 weeks of them here… I need time to recoup and get Melody back on her schedule the best I can. It’s almost 4pm now… She should have went down at 3:30pm but we were outside then came in and ate while watching Minions. Time flies when you’re having fun.

I’m exhausted to be honest. I just want to go to Dollar Tree and get some cleaning supplies so I can clean the kitchen. We also need to go to the store to pick up a few things for the rest of the week. I’m hoping that we get our tax refund this week. We NEED it badly.

Not gonna say anymore. Getting tired from staring at this screen.

More when I’m able!

Thank you for “listening”!!

“See” you soon!!!


Quick Update {February 13, 2017}

Quick Update
February 13, 2017

Life Update

Quick update… Grandparents just left today. It’s been a crazy dramatic week. Busy too. Been sick since Thursday after devouring 5.5 tacos. Feeling a little better though… Not sure how much there is to tell… 3 fights total this visit… Taxes are done… promotions are on their way and… yeah… over all not too bad these last few weeks…

More when I can!

Thanks for understanding as always!!

Love you guys!!!


Video: Plan With Me {February 6-12}

SAHM #559: Thursday Post {2.2.17}

Didn’t take any pix today so yeah… no pix again…

Had a decent visit with his grandparents when they were here for a couple of hours. Melody was outside for almost 2 hours and is crashed… well… napping. I’m catching up on some YouTube and some other things… Not a whole lot to say… more this weekend for sure since its SUPER BOWL!!!

Hope you have a great evening!

“See” you tomorrow!!

Thanks for “listening”!!!


Video: Chatty Vlog {January 30-31, 2017}