SAHM #708: Saturday Post {7.1.17}

Hey everyone!

Long day short post…

Not much went on except I am def addicted to playing the necromancer on Diablo 3!!!

Speaking of which…


Xo Chelsea


Currently Reading: Lady of the Rivers (Plantagenet and Tudors Novels) {6.30.17} [2]

Currently Reading: Lady of the Rivers (Plantagenet and Tudors Novels) {6.30.17} [2]

Wasn’t really able to read a whole lot… maybe 10 pages… too late to read now… been super tired…
Another update soon!

Xo Chelsea

SAHM #707: Friday Post {6.30.17}

Last night, Hubby and I stayed up playing the new expansion of Diablo 3. We actually played together. It was a lot of fun. We’re gonna do beer, pizza, and Diablo 3 again tonight!

I’ve gotten some planning done today, yet to have read a page in my book, and have been doing whatever while the kiddo sleeps. She’s napping early again. Yesterday she fell asleep for a few hours in the morning. It’s weird cause I’m so used to her taking long naps in the afternoon, but as she grows they are earlier with an average 2-2.5 hours a day. She’s been getting tired before 1pm.

I’m not gonna say anymore than that cause then I’ll start bitching about his grandparents.

More soon!!

Thanks for “listening”!!!

xo Chelsea

Currently Reading: Lady of the Rivers (Plantagenet and Tudors Novel) {6.30.17}

Currently Reading: Lady of the Rivers by Phillippa Gregory

I haven’t been able to read much the last few days, but I’m currently 200 pages in and plan on reading up to 50 pages today. I’ll let you know at the end of the day though.

xo Chelsea

PS: I’m still planning on getting through this book by my birthday which is 1 month from today.

Currently Watching: The White Queen

Currently I am watching The White Queen again…

Health Update: Ugh, My Head

So yesterday was a bad day cause my head was hurting. Today not nearly as bad at least. I’m hoping to be 100% asap.

I have new posts coming shortly today. Just need to find a few minutes to do them. 

More soon!

Xo Chelsea

SAHM #706: Thursday Post {6.29.17}

Good evening everyone!

I’m currently watching “Sing” with M right now. She’s kinda watching it right now. It’s a musical and she loves musicals like her Grandma did. But… She’s more interested only in the music parts of course.

I haven’t gotten much done at all this week. I have been SUPER tired and I’m pretty sure it’s cause of the heat. It’s been 117-120 almost all week! I’ve also had a migraine all day 😦

Well… I’m gonna cut this one short… again…

Need to get some stuff done before I start making dinner. I’m making chicken rice casserole.

More Soon!!

Thanks for “listening”!!!

xo Chelsea

SAHM #705: Wednesday Post {6.28.17}

Hey everyone!

Didn’t really do much today. Other than make a decision on my YouTube channel. I’m taking a break till September. I will be back to filming either the first or last week of September depending on certain things that may or may not happen.

That’s it for tonight cause I’m exhausted!

More soon!!

Thanks for listening!!!

xo Chelsea

Currently Reading: Lady of the Rivers (Update) {6.27.17}

Well I was able to read to the spot I wanted. I read 40 pages today. I can’t wait to wake up, do my Wednesday Morning Routine and then be able to read! The kiddo has been amazing when I am reading. She will grab her tablet or a book and just lay there with me chilling and zoning out of this world and into our own.

More soon!

xo Chelsea

Currently Reading: Lady of the Rivers by Phillippa Gregory

I know it’s been a couple of years since I’ve done my “Currently Reading” updates… So here we go… again…

Recently I finished watching “The White Princess” TV series and after watching “White Queen” numerous times and “The Tudors” more than I can count… I decided to try to read the book series that “White Queen” and “White Princess” are based on.

And let me tell you…

I am a VERY slow reader… and I’ve been reading less than 8 hours worth and am already near 200 pages in. I love the book so much that not only do I own this book on kindle, but I have it physically as well as the next 4 books. I am going to make a goal to finish this book by my birthday (7/30). I would like to read the next 4 before the end of the year but let’s be realistic… I’m a slow reader and my responsibilities come first… plus there is only 2 months left before the tv shows I watch start returning.

Currently I am near 200 pages in and find it a VERY easy read so far. I love that there are stopping points in the chapters. The chapters aren’t very long and I find myself getting lost in it.

I would much rather be reading right now than doing this since the kiddo is napping but thought that I’d share instead since I’ve been severely neglecting this blog.

I will update again soon!

xo Chelsea

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Currently Reading is Coming Back!!

Currently Reading is Coming Back!!

Remember a long time ago in a blog back back aways when I used to give you guys updates on what I was reading?

Well… Guess what!

I’m gonna do it again!

So be prepared to get annoyed or join in the conversation!

Love to here from you!

Updates will start shortly after I post this 🙂

xo Chelsea

SAHM #704: Tuesday Post {6.27.17}

Hey everyone!

Doing a quick blog post here while I’m thinking about it and while the kiddo is occupied. I can’t believe that she is gonna be TWO YEARS OLD!! We’re gonna do a Trolls theme cause that’s here favorite movie right now. Though I want to take her to see Despicable Me 3 so I don’t know… she could get back into the minions… but I think for right now Trolls is gonna be it. I even have tattoos for her 🙂

But anyways…

Not a whole lot going on. Got a new phone, my house is clean and getting to where I want it to be. We’re still debating on moving to the second floor for another year or moving to QC or moving at all. I honestly think that moving into the 4 bedroom rental might be a good thing… It’s somewhat in our price range but we would have to skip the trip we might take in September. We need a new place more than spending money we don’t have on a trip even though I REALLY REALLY want to see my side of the family… MY FAMILY is more important. This kid needs her own room, we need our privacy, and being on the first floor would be nice.

but anyways…

There are lots of things to discuss but never enough time to type it all out so I might just post a video on here for you guys. I’m seriously thinking about doing more vlogging and then putting all the vlogs on here… I don’t know yet. The kiddo is about done with her lunch and the coffee is starting to kick in for me so…

I’m gonna get going and hopefully I will be on here again tomorrow!

Thanks for “listening”!!

xo Chelsea

Come join me!!!


I will be going live on Instagram (@ ChelseaPlotzke) today!

I will announce when that is… Just waiting for my happy mail to get here cause that is what I will be sharing with you all today! SURPRISE!!

I know I just did a haul and I’d do another except I only got like 4 sheets of stickers so… yeah! Most likely this will happen sometime between 12-2pm MDT (2-4pm EDT).

Hope to see you soon!
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Video: WildSummerDesigns Haul in VLOG Style {June 2017}

Video: Plan With Me: Once Upon A Time by WildSummerDesigns

SAHM #691: Wednesday Post {6.14.17}

Hey everyone… I know it’s been awhile. Been busy with organizing life, helping family move, drama, and just life itself.

I’ve cleaned the house twice now. My next projects are gonna be the dresser and then closet. I’ve been putting off the closet cause it will literally take me probably a good a couple of hours to move everything into the living, another couple of hours to go through all the stuff, then another hour to take out everything in the storage again, and then another hour to put everything back. THEN I have to go through and organize everything that is staying in the closet, but first putting everything back… I’m thinking I may have to do this over a weekend… Probably will take me just that to get the ENTIRE closet organized, dusted, vacuumed, and to my liking. I was thinking about putting the dresser in the closet and putting together this clothes hanging thing I got that I used in our last apartment… Our laundry room was probably 10 times the size I have now. It was nice cause we kept extra things in there as well as me being able to hang up Hubby’s clothes. Now, I have no choice but to dry them on low and them air dry the rest of the time the next day. Once the closet isn’t so full and unorganized hopefully I can use a space to hang clothes to dry.


I have a special announcement… I am a PR Girl for WildSummerDesigns! I started on Friday, June 9th and love the group of girls I work with. I don’t get actually get paid MONEY but I get paid in stickers and credit. It helps her business out and who knows… maybe someday there will be money involved but until then… the only money I will make is through EBates and the Wal-Mart Catcher. I need to get back into vlogging and doing videos though cause I had hoped to make that a job someday.

Well… Gotta cut this “short” cause my laptop is gonna die and I wanna order some PR stickers or at least figure out which collections I wanna use my credit on. OH and I got a new phone. We traded our phones in and got a iPhone 7 Plus… that was all they had believe it or not. We have it on a lease for 18 months. After 18 months, we return it and get a new phone. PLUS we get credit for turning them in.

More soon… Hopefully more often than not…

Thanks for “hearing” me out!!!


Video: Plan With Me: Work (WildSummerDesigns) {June 12-18}

Video: Erin Condren Unboxing {6.9.17}

Video: WildSummerDesigns Sticker Haul (May 2017) {6.9.17}

Video: May Flip Through {6.8.17}

Video: VLOG 5.30.17 {6.6.17}

My longest Vlog (so far) is now up! Go check it out! Grab your pop and candy first and enjoy!

Sunday Post {6.4.17}

It’s been a stressful morning so far, but I’m not gonna let that fuck me over cause I got great news this morning!

I am officially part a PR Team!!!

I will have more information once the announcement of who got on the team has been announced itself.

I’m not doing anything fancy with this post cause even though I’m trying not to be in a bad mood, I’m still very much frustrated and IDGAFRN…

More soon!


SAHM Day#676: Tuesday Post {5.30.17}

Hey Everyone!

I know it’s been a few days. My place has been staying pretty clean! I have the bedroom done 100%, minus the closet. I just have 2 “shit baskets” to go through or/and put away, the closet, and put away the pictures in the hallway cause we most likely will be moving in September to a first floor apartment so rather than hanging up more stuff we need to take down in a few months, just put it away.

My mind keeps telling me that I should just leave my closet if we’re possibly moving in 3 months but my mind is also arguing that I should just get it done since everything in the storage will be the first to go down the stairs…

We had a pretty good weekend. Today’s DK is with his grandparents so I have been vlogging since he left around 10am. It’s only almost 2pm… So yeah… I got some good footage… I just hope that it doesn’t do the stupid fast forward thing when I add the clip to the movie because I got some really good footage today…

In fact, I really don’t have much more to say and think I’m gonna see if it does… hopefully not since I changed the settings…

But anyways…

Thank you for “hearing” me out today!!

More Soon!!!

xo Chelsea

SAHM #672: Friday Post {5.26.17}

Hey everyone!

Sorry I’ve been a bit M.I.A. for a bit… or so…

I’ve been struggling a lot with life lately. If you’ve watched my vlogs or watched any of my videos recently, then you know that we had some family move here. I can give you one guess on who… Yup… THEM… EG is back and this time the visit is PERMANENT. They are 45 minutes away… or rather will be once the floors are done, appliances are put in, and the walls are painted… and of course all their stuff is moved from here to there.

It hasn’t been bad since they have been here though. They got here on Hubby’s birthday, May 15th. They have been going, going, going with getting stuff done so they can move in and finally be HOME.

His grandmother and I have talked and have come to an agreement so I hope it stays the way that it has been said. I’m hoping we only have to see them 1-2 times a week. Once here, once there. It would be nice to have set days on when we see them. I’m hoping we can start with 0-1 day a week and work on things from there.

Since they have been here, I have been working my ass off in getting my home… to feel like… HOME. I’m just about there. I really wish I had taken before and after pictures of the rooms I’ve already done. If you don’t know already, we live in a 2 bed 2 bath apartment. There are 3 adults, 1 toddler, and 1 mastiff living in this small apartment. I say “small” cause even though it’s supposed to be bigger than our last two apartments, I still feel like it’s actually smaller.

I have gotten the kitchen almost done, the living is done, the bedroom is what I’m working on now, and then just our VERY messy, unorganized closet. We also have several pictures to put up but I honestly don’t want to have them up since we are seriously considering a move. No where different, just down to the first floor. We are spending way too much time indoors and way too much on electricity. Our most recent bill for electricity was over $100!! When my husband and I lived with his aunt, before we were married and on our own, one of the bills that was part of our rent was the electricity bill. It was $199 a month, every month. The fact that we paid just over half of that for our apartment that is less than half the size of her house… yeah… enough said…

It will be a little more to be on the first floor, but if it’s only for a year, then I’m okay with that. I think that we will be able to save money since we won’t be paying so much for electricity.

Oh… Did I mention that my Hubby got promoted? Yes, I’m very proud. He’s not a supervisor, yet, like we’re waiting for, but there is a significant weight that has been lifted off our shoulders with this promotion. Though he’s only been promoted for almost a month and we have only seen one paycheck since then, it’s gonna be okay cause we have an idea of what he will be making monthly. (Bonus not included since it differs each month.)

Well, almost 600 words in and I’m ready to get some stuff done before everyone comes over. We usually go over to his aunt’s cause it’s bigger and there are no stairs, but her house is currently being used as storage until THEY can move into THEIR own home.

More soon!!

Thank you so much for “listening”!!!

XO Chelsea