Just So You’re Not Confused…

Just so you guys know…

Since I’m sick and don’t know how long plus with the holidays and M starting her Developmental Program… I’m going to go ahead and change the menus slightly to 2018.



Mom Life: Day 3 Sick {12.20.17}

Going on Day 3 of this…

(Stay At Home Mom Day 880)

Well… We’re sick. Hubby was sick last week and now M has a tiny cough and I’m SICK. Tired, congested, headache, no voice, coughing, feeling icky… I think that just about covers it…

Hubby has been good on helping. He just started a project and is (for right now) working 8am-5pm Monday through Friday. He took a surprise few days off during Christmas… SHHHHH don’t tell EG!

There is a ton of BS going on with family drama… Hubby’s side of course. Long story short, we are praying for an opportunity to move to NC.

I’m working on something special… Hoped to get it up before 2018 starts but I don’t know that 11 days and counting is gonna be enough time.

We’ll see…

More when I can…

Thanks for “listening”!!!

xo Chelsea

Mom Life: Thursday Post {12.7.17}

Happy Thursday!

You ever just have a blah kind of day?

(Stay At Home Mom Day 867)

Yeah, it’s been one of those days again. But at least I’m fully dressed, hair done and makeup. So it’s not as bad as yesterday.

I really do hate the holidays.

I really don’t have a whole lot to say other than I have a lot to do and NOT enough time or energy to do it. I need to clean the living room but I keep having a clingy kid so it’s been REALLY hard.

I’ll try again tonight and tomorrow. Plus I need to clean my kitchen… and do the dishes…

I get my SMC insert tomorrow and my PK stickers so I’m happy with that 🙂

But… I already will most likely have to get more DO1P inserts next week…. or I just need to only do the days I’m busy… which is everyday but still… Idk… we’ll see…

Gotta go… Tired and just wanna get my shit done…

More soon…

xo Chelsea

PS I did a post yesterday too did you see?

Mom Life: Wednesday Post {12.6.17}

I got up at 6:30am yesterday with her. Then I was up till 3am.

No fever, changed her clothes, changed her pull-up, fresh bottle…

Hubby ended up sleeping out in the living room on the couch.

She had no nap, bedtime at 7:30pm… slept till 10:45pm and then was up till 3am… I didn’t sleep till 4 and then she woke up at 8:30am…

So here I am working on a blog post with no sleep…

But I suppose it could be worse…

That’s all folks!

More when I can!!

Thank you for “listening”!!!

xo Chelsea

PS: New Video on my YOUTUBE channel.

Chelsea’s Life: Saturday Post {11.25.17}

Happy Saturday!

Good day today.

(Stay At Home Mom Day 855)

I did my Black Friday shopping on Thursday. Granted it was for myself, but I got exactly what I wanted for less than I would have paid after the sale. Right now, as I sit on the couch trying to catch up on one of my regular shows, my husband is playing WoW (of course) and my daughter, who was just put to bed a short bit ago, is singing. Luckily, she pooped right before bed so I don’t have to worry about feeling bad when she’s loud and talking in there.

I think finally found a good stream… *out of nowhere thought*

Been very busy. Had Thanksgiving at his dad’s. His grandmother has been without communication towards me since the stupid thing in October. It’s been over a month now… GET THE FUCK OVER IT!

I’d say the same thing to myself about things with my dad but they are just unforgivable. Choosing your girlfriend over your daughter… yeah whatever. Not to mention you let your “friends” say shit to me and my husband about our daughter. They are considered “Family” to my dad’s side but I say fuck them. You don’t say “oh she’s looking at him cause she probably thinks he’s her real father” to a complete stranger… it’s NOT funny nor do us strangers think it’s funny! Fucking assholes stupid ****…


So not going there. Not to mention my own father almost ran over my husband and tried to leave him (at diff times)… NOT FUNNY!!!


I’m gonna drink my wine and eat some cereal while I catchup on Supernatural, Once Upon A Time, Arrow, and maybe Gotham… I wanna try to… well… I was… gonna try to go to bed early… yeah right…

More Soon!!
xo Chelsea

Video: Sticky Situations Co Haul {11.17.17}

Enjoy this sticker haul!
The two different sets of clips were almost a month apart.

Chelsea’s Life: Friday Post {11.17.17}

Happy Friday!

(Stay At Home Mom Day 846)

Yes, I changed the series name… again… for the billionth time…

Let me start by saying… I’m tired… I’m counting down until M gets her written service plan and I can’t wait for a routine lesson so I can work with what I want and what she needs…

Working on a routine for us to work on starting Monday… Wish me luck…

I’m gonna have a Weekday and Weekend schedule. It’s easier that way since we’re busier on the weekends.

Lots to do today… wish me luck!

More soon!

Thanks for “listening”!!

xo Chelsea

Yesterday’s Post

This Week’s Posts

Mom Life: Thursday Post {11.16.17}

Happy Thursday!

(Stay At Home Mom Day 846)

Yesterday was good. We spent all afternoon with THEM and then spent the rest of the evening relaxing. I’m going to come up with a new Weekday Routine and start it Monday. I am going to come up with it and do it NO MATTER WHAT!!…….. Or at least that’s the goal.

I got some happy mail as well and need to go after M goes to bed to pick up more.

Spent a small amount of time talking to DK. He explained some things to me so it’s all good… might do my hair tonight… not sure… (Pictures to follow if I do!)

Okay well… boring, short post but I got things to finish up this evening…

More soon!

xo Chelsea

Mom Life: Wednesday Post {11.15.17}

Happy Wednesday!

(Stay At Home Mom Day 845)

We are having lunch with them today… I don’t know what time we will get home… before 4pm I know that… I’m hoping that DK works today and when I get back I can do some videos. I need to just suck it up and get them done…

But anyways…

Wish me luck!

I’ll be back very soon!!

xo Chelsea

Mom Life: Tuesday Post {11.14.17}

Happy Tuesday!

Good day today…

(Stay At Home Mom Day 844)

Not as productive as I had liked but that was to be expected since I felt totally out of it today. I got some done but not everything on my list.

I have a ton of Happy Mail coming at the end of the week so I’m super excited about that!

Other than that, M and I chilled and played and relaxed. Not a whole lot of tablet time and lots of eating. She ate some of my ham and cheese pasta bake, a whole cup of yogurt with fruit, two bowls of raspberries, and 5.5 chicken nuggets. I’m a very proud mama! She ate her vitamin gummies without me having to chase after her or find them somewhere… and she drank both of her pediasures. I’m so happy that she is moving along with her development and have every ounce of faith that she will do amazing when we get her speech therapy going. They are gonna help in the communication and routine area. It will be great to have a routine for her. One that is laid out more professionally for me. I have my own routines… cleaning and personal but… It’s harder to have one for someone else or include someone else. I’m working on it. We had one at the beginning of the year that worked very well until I got sick and it went to shit.

But anyways…

Gotta take the trash out and get the mail…

More soon!

xo Chelsea

PS: We are going to have lunch with THEM tomorrow… I’m not 100% comfortable since there are serious health issues going on but considering they are doing their best to get the ball rolling with getting better… I think one day won’t hurt… I hope… My main concern is that my daughter will be in the car… but moving on…

Mom Life: Monday Post {11.13.17}

Happy Monday!

Better than expected!

(Stay At Home Mom Day 843)

Went better than expected today. M passed everything and was borderline with one section, which was exactly what we thought. So they took their notes back and later I got a text saying she made it into the program. Long story short, they are coming back to do a written service plan for M. We’re hoping she will catch on quickly since she is a quick study and mimic.

More soon…

xo Chelsea

A Mom Life: Sunday Post {11.12.17}

Happy Sunday!

(Stay At Home Mom Day 842)

Yesterday was fun! M met her first puppy and after short amount of time was playing and petting her. Okcomi is a white English Gold Retriever. She’s super calm and LOVES our daughter.

Got some stuff done today but not much. Last minute groceries of course…

Hoping for a more productive day after they leave tomorrow… oh yeah… M has her detailed speech therapy evaluation tomorrow… fingers crossed all goes well…

xo Chelsea

My Daily Mom Life: Saturday Post {11.11.17}

Heading up to FH to visit some family!

First off, I’d like to thank all of the Veterans in the world. No matter where you are, if you are a Veteran… Thank You!

Now back to my regular Yadda Yadda Yadda…

We gotta be at his dad’s sometime between 1-2pm. We’re going out there to see them, celebrate some past and upcoming birthdays, meet the new puppy, and just to have fun.

I love going up there to see them cause I find it just… peaceful and relaxing…

I gotta find out from his StepMom when the Family Christmas Party is this year. This year it’s at his dad’s so we’re gonna join this year. It’s harder when it’s at his uncle’s cause we’re not familiar with the very long drive and it’s more comfy at his dad’s where we know the place and area. This year, M will meet a lot of cousins.

But anyways… Need to make sure I have everything packed before we head there. M is napping so…

More soon!!

xo Chelsea

The Mom Life: Saturday Morning {11.11.17}

Good Morning!

This is the first time in a long time that I have done one of these…

(Stay At Home Mom Day 841)

Good Morning!

I just wanted to hop on here and say “Good Morning!” and “Hi!”

I’m not fully out of my funk but I feel like it’s not something that is gonna last forever. I really just want to take a day to myself but that won’t ever happen. I’m really hoping that on Monday, I will have some kind of inside as to what we can do to help Melody. Part of me really hopes that they say “There is nothing wrong with her. She’s just on ‘Melody Time'” and part of me hopes that they say “Well, I don’t think there is anything too wrong with her and that her communication sounds like it’s getting better but why don’t we do a few sessions and see if that helps and if it does then all you need to do is just keep working with her like you have been.”

I know everything will go great but at the same time, I feel like she needs to try harder… no… I need to work harder… I get frustrated after a while of saying “no” and trying to get her to repeat words that she needs to use to communicate. She has “no” and “yeah” and “Hi” and “bye” down but… she needs a lot more. I’ve NEVER claimed she didn’t need help with her speech. She is perfect in my eyes in the way every mother sees their child. But we need help in the speech department. Going upstairs, walking, running, those kind of skills she’s gotten a million times better since the beginning of the year. Now, we just need help in the communication. She’s very smart and if you spend time with her, you see she knows how to talk but it doesn’t come out clearly aloud as it does in her head and she gets frustrated with that. She’s a good kid… a smart kid… She knows how to do a lot of things… just not saying the words correctly from her head to aloud. She gets mad/frustrated and will throw a fit… but what toddler doesn’t?

Anyways… Moana is almost over and then we’re gonna watch Sesame Street and I really hope that Hubby is up well before her nap at 11am so that she doesn’t fight it like she has been when he’s home on the weekends…

More soon!

xo Chelsea

The Mom Life: Friday Post {11.10.17}

Quick overview for the day and weekend…

Got lots of cleaning to do today. Then I have to pack for tomorrow cause we’re going to M’s grandpa’s house tomorrow. We’re gonna meet their new puppy too. Hopefully the puppy will be good and Melody will be interested and not scared. Maybe this will be the puppy she grows up with. Bella Boo is 6 years old and depending on where you read about Mastiffs… They live to be 6-8 or 8-10 years old. I’ve heard of Mastiffs to live to be 12-14 but we’ll see…


Lots of cleaning to do today, packing for tomorrow, and then Sunday I’m hoping to stay home and do any cleaning I can’t do today since Hubby will be home. I just need to make sure that the living room, dining/office, kitchen, and guest bathroom looks good but it’s me so… I will be cleaning the whole house.

Hopefully this weekend will go as planned and Monday will come and go fast as well…

Lots to do…

Right now, M is watching Sesame Street (live on PBS so that means 2 episodes) and then she’ll go in her crib so I can tidy up and get the afternoon prepped. Then, nap time for the kiddo at 11:30am and lunch time for me. I’m going to try again to get the videos I have to get done… done today… I’m gonna do the most important/overdue one first and then work on other things…

Gotta go… M is making a mess with her applesauce…

More soon!

xo Chelsea

Daily Mom Life: Thursday Post {11.9.17}

Funky Mood Day x

My hair color should be coming in soon… I ordered something planner related hoping to make myself happier…

Right now, kiddo is in her crib with her tablet and I’m gonna hop in the shower hoping I can wash away some of the funky mood I’m stuck in.

My bro-in-law is home… not sure if he’s off but if he works then when he goes off to work I’m gonna sit down and film some videos that are so past due I’m fired from myself.

I just want the funk to go away so I can work on myself. Otherwise, I have no self-motivation.

Okay… It’s 11am now… time to hop in the shower after I grab my top from the dryer…

More soon!

xo Chelsea

Daily Mom Life: Tuesday Post {11.7.17}

Hope you’re having a great day/week!
I’ve been in… a funk I can’t seem to shake…

I’m not sure what there is to talk about other than I’ve been in a funk for the last 2 weeks. I don’t know why. Just am. I haven’t felt motivated… to do… anything…

Maybe it’s cause I haven’t gotten much sleep? Maybe it’s cause I’m just sick and tired of the constant drama… maybe it’s cause it’s been nothing but overcast for over a week… I don’t know…

All I do know is that I don’t want to do anything but sit on my ass and stare off into space. But.. I can’t do that… I have a kid… I’m in a funk and I’m doing my best to break it and get out of it and just… be a better mom than I have been the last few days… I think M is in a funk though also cause we both have just been wanting to chill and cuddle and do nothing…


More soon…

xo Chelsea

Daily Mom Life: Monday Post {11.6.17}

Well, yesterday we went and saw his grandparents. No drama or as much as I had thought. Right now, kiddo is in her crib with her tablet cause we weren’t able to get groceries yesterday like I had hoped so I had to order.

They are on their way and should be here within next 5-8 minutes so I am making a quick post before they get here.

There was lots of running around going on yesterday at his grandparents… literally… I was chasing M around all over the house playing with her. Seems like that’s all I’ve done my entire life when there has been kids. I just… end up playing and entertaining them while everyone else gets to have “adult time”… anyways…

While running around, I heard and felt my knee pop but didn’t think anything of it… till this morning… My right knee is swollen. I’m waiting to eat before I take some ibuprofen for it. It hurts really bad but I really can’t do anything for it. I didn’t get to clean yesterday and we got home late so I was pretty tired.

I need to clean and film but I don’t know if that is gonna happen at this point. I think once the groceries get here and I put them away, I’m gonna put M down for her nap and then make food and lay on the couch resting my knee.

They should be here any minute…

More soon!!

xo Chelsea

Daily Mom Life: Saturday Post {11.4.17}

Just a quick hello…

Yes, I know! I’m slacking super hardcore! I was posting every single day… sometimes multiple times a day and since I got married and had my daughter… not so much…

So here it is…

I am going to try VERY hard to post daily again cause the videos just weren’t happening since I’m NEVER truly alone. I’m going to make time to “write” my heart out for about 5 minutes every night. I will try very had to make it more in the late afternoon… early evening if I can but I think what I might end up doing is just not caring and writing when I can.

But I’m going to try hard to do it every day… again…

I need to get back into the habit into my old format of showing links at the bottom my post of last post and the videos I have made that week…

(If you know you know)


Not saying much tonight. It’s 11:18pm and all I wanna do is go to sleep but I’m waiting for my phone to charge some so I have an alarm…

I will be back sometime tomorrow!

Have a great night!!

Thanks for listening!!!

xo Chelsea

Video: Power Hour #2

Yup… Time for another Power Hour!

November Goals

Decided to set goals for the month.

November Goals

  1. Get back into beauty routine
  2. Go to the gym every day for 15-30 minutes for all of November
  3. Cut out junk food by 50% and increase healthy foods by 50%
  4. Project: Organize and get Melody’s clothes into 5 drawer
  5. Project: Organize cube 100%

What are some of YOUR goals? Comment down below!

xo Chelsea

Video: Clean With Me: Bathroom {11.1.17}