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Tuesday Post: Happy Halloween {10.31.17}


Today is actually day 2 of being completely alone all day while Hubby works. My brother-in-law is in Vegas with his grandparents celebrating his 21st birthday, which is TODAY! They left yesterday to get ahead and plan out the week. They’ll be back on Friday.

Hopefully between now and then I can get some videos done and up as well as some blog posts and of course, keeping my home in order.

Quick Side Note: M’s screening on Friday went better than expected. She passed everything and there is only one area we need to work on and are getting help in and that is of course her speech/communication.

Our “Case Worker” (going to respect privacy and not mention much) is going to call me sometime this week to start setting up days and times with a speech therapist to do a more detailed screening. M is trying sooooo hard to talk… to say what’s on her mind but it’s not coming out the way she wants it. She is saying more and more everyday more 3-4 word sentences/phrases.

This morning, Hubby said “Bye Melody! I’ll see you later okay?” and she looked right at him and oh so clear she said “Bye Bye Daddy”. This is the most she’s been clear saying this. Most the time it’s in a high pitch “bye dada” but today it was completely clear.

At the moment, she is napping and I was able to film a Plan With Me for next week AND a Power Hour cleaning video.

Side Note: I have come to the conclusion that until I have a set schedule for grandparents visiting and her speech therapy and the holidays have gone by… I will be posting as I film and edit. My planner videos will stay the same; Monday is Plan With Me, last weekend of the month is my monthly haul and setup with me videos. So “regular” videos will be as I finish editing and uploading them. Goal is within 1-3 days after I film. I’m hoping that next year, I can find one day to film and then just edit at night and upload all of them in the morning and then schedule them out either back to back or every other day. If I can post every other day, I’d be soooooo happy. But we’ll see… right?


Happy Halloween!

Stay safe and have fun!!

We’ll “talk” soon!!!

xo Chelsea

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Tuesday Post: Catching Up {10.24.17}

We have some catching up to do and some videos to share!!

Okay everyone… here it goes…

So working on getting my apartment clean because we have M’s screening on Friday Afternoon. They come to our home and just kinda watch her and figure out where she’s at. I really hope that M doesn’t shy away or throws a temper cause she has come soooo much further than she was 3 months ago. She is saying sooo much more too.

For example, Hubby was helping her up our stairs (which they scare the crap out of me cause they are cement and open so if she falls she could also fall through the stairs) and I said “Are you going up the stairs with Daddy like a Big Girl?” She looked right at me through the stairs and said “I did it!”

So cute!

She has been answering questions more. It’s not as constant as we’d like but she has come a VERY long way since July.

I am currently watching YouTube as I am writing this blog post… I am watching some routine videos and cleaning videos.

I just posted a video today too! I filmed myself cleaning the kitchen. I figured that since I have to clean all week that I might as well film it so I have content on my channel. I just hit 5300+ views on my channel but still need 4700 to hit 10,000 views so I can get more features for my channel. I’ll leave a link down below for my channel and some videos I’ve done the past couple of weeks.

I really want to come up with a good routine I can stick to. Everything from getting up early and getting the day ready before M wakes up to having everything set for tomorrow before I go to bed (early). I need a cleaning routine down pat, a morning, afternoon, evening, and night routine, and a routine for when M is napping…. Sounds like a lot but I NEED ROUTINES and I NEED IT TO BE CONSISTENT!!

I have a bad problem with routines… if it fails once, I give up… but I’m working on it… I’m working on not giving up and just trying to keep it going…

Gotta go now though… it’s 10 minutes past M’s nap time…

We’ll “talk” soon!!

xo Chelsea

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Video: Clean With Me: Kitchen {10.24.17}

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Happy Monday!

This week’s spread features “Haunt It” by WildSummerDesigns!

SAHM 819: Friday Post {10.20.17}

Happy Friday!

(Stay At Home Mom Day 819)

Even though I vlogged… I’m not sure I’m going to put it up. I found a YouTube channel that I really like and it was really inspirational. She is using her iPhone the whole time and just edits on iMovie. Small Apartment, Working Hubby, Kids… just like me…

Went to Target and got a few things but I think I’m going to return on of them… Going to his grandparents tomorrow… Hopefully it will go okay…

Thank you for “listening”!!

We’ll “chat” again soon!!!

xo Chelsea

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SAHM 818: Thursday Post {10.19.17}

Happy Thursday!

(Stay At Home Mom Day 818)

Total blah day.

Thank you for “listening”!!

We’ll “chat” again soon!!!

xo Chelsea

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SAHM 817: Wednesday Post {10.18.17}


Today was a little better than yesterday… Yesterday took Hubby to the Urgent Care for a sinus infection…

Today was just a chill day. I need to get my ass in gear tomorrow. I’m gonna make a list and then try to get everything tomorrow. I may even film it just cause I like making and watching these kind of videos.

I got two videos filmed, one has already been posted and the other will be up tomorrow. There is also another one going out Friday. Getting ready to edit and schedule them.

Watching Law&Order SVU right now.

I’ll “chat” again tomorrow!

Thanks for “listening”!!

xo Chelsea

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Video: Weekly Planner Recap (October 9-15)


Just a list… like everything else in my life that I just want to do so I can cross it off and be happy…


I’m pretty sure that I want to change everything…

I want to change my blog…

I want to change my YouTube Channel…

I want to change my Social Media…

I want to change… Myself…

I want to change my habits…

I want to change… EVERYTHING

SAHM 816: Tuesday Post: What’s Been Going on… {10.17.17}

A better explanation to where I’ve been is… well…


Here it goes…

The last time we “talked” was last week… I posted a “Sunday Post” and it was well… a little bit… lengthy and… well… dramatic… except… it wasn’t…

So… Thursday (10/12) was both of my Hubby’s Grandmothers birthdays. Apparently on this day, two family members went into the hospital. One is home and the other is doing much better.

Friday was quiet and fun. Hubby and I got some wine and chocolate and watched “Fifty Shades Darker”. Surprisingly it was his idea. I’ve been waiting for him to watch it since it came out! So we had a fun night.

Saturday was the day we actually found out about the family members and their hospital visits. We were supposed to go to his dad’s but plans changed. Anyways… Got a text later that day that his gma was on her to the hospital. Long story short, she broke her ankle. Sunday, we went and made an extra long visit. And now here we are… It’s Tuesday.

Today, Hubby woke up with a swollen right side of the face and head so later after some ibuprofen and quiet time didn’t help… Took his butt to the urgent care. We were luckily in and out once we were seen after about 20 minutes more or less of waiting in the waiting area.

And guess what?! I was right! He has a sinus infection. He tells me later, “Babe I love you but don’t kiss me I don’t want you to get sick…” I looked at him and replied “You’ve had this thing for almost 2 weeks and we’ve been kissing…” Then we both laughed.

Now, it’s 8:30pm and I am watching YouTube, doing a Blog Post, and trying to figure out what videos exactly I need to do tomorrow. I want to try to VLOG tomorrow since I wasn’t able to today… We’ll see though…

Gonna stop here and we’ll chat later… I have a TON of Blog Posts I need to write-up and post and a TON to preset.

Thank you so much for “listening” when I need you!!

See” you soon!!!

xo Chelsea

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Video: Chit Chat With Chelsea #2

I never expected to talk about my daughter but considering YouTube is my outlet…

Video: Plan With Me: Wicked (October 16-22, 2017) {10.16.17}

Happy Monday!

Time for this week’s Plan With Me!
This week is featuring “Wicked” by WildSummerDesigns!

SAHM 814: Sunday Post: Bad 24 hours {10.15.17}

Have you ever just been in a really bad funk and couldn’t figure out why or how to get out it?

Have you ever had one of those really fucked up days even though you woke up pretty happy and no matter what you try to do to keep it positive and happy it just gets shittier and shittier?
That was my day yesterday. EG called to tell me that Hubby’s uncle and cousin had both went into the hospital on her birthday (Thursday). Then she tell me that his uncle is home and fine now.

But his cousin is in the ICU and it doesn’t look good. She is a young (me and hubby’s age) married singer with 3 kids 4 years and younger. I don’t normally pray but I’m praying for her to get better and fast. I am praying for no damage to her brain or spine and that she will be okay and can watch her kids grow up.

Later that day, EG went into the hospital and ended up with a broken ankle.

Then even later after I posted and then deleted a post for prayer for his side of the family… I get a nasty phone call. At the time I had no idea what she was talking about until later on when my mood was peak high bad that no one had told hubbys brother that their gma was in the hospital. No one had told me not to say anything period and the only people who read my FB posts are my family.

The day was also shitty because my father and I are no longer talking and my husband and I had been fighting majority of the day.

Now I sit here on the couch. It’s 11am, my daughter is down for a nap, and Hubby is in the bathroom. I have nasty, greasy hair that I want to wash and can’t cause he’s in n the bathroom. I have things to do and no time to do it because I have to watch the kid constantly.

I feel sometime like I’m more of a babysitter than a mother. I do my best to do everything but when your kid is constantly falling and getting hurt, you need to watch her. I can barely get anything done in the 1.5-2 hour nap she takes. If I could get both housework and me time in I would but it’s always a one or the other kind of time.

Sometimes I choose me and sometimes I do nothing but fold laundry, do the dishes, and pick up the living room. I try to vacuum as much as I can but my vacuum sucks. I need to just suck it up and put her in her crib, and do as much as I can for one hour and then take a shower and go outside and play with her.

But instead all I wanna do is stay inside cause I don’t wanna carry her up and down two flights in 90+ degree weather just to walk 5 seconds and get dizzy from the heat.

If we were on the first floor it might be a lot easier but we’re not. If we had a three bedroom it would be even easier cause she could hang out in her room while I clean. I feel so crowded in our small apartment that we pay a lot for. If moving costs weren’t so high I’d move in a heartbeat.

I’m really hoping that we just stop spending and pay off debt so we can move at the end of next summer.

But I guess we’ll see. He spends a lot of money on BS. Last time I spent money was the $100 I got for my bday and spent it on my now damaged hair that I hate.

Right now, I just wish this funk I’m in would stop. I don’t know what to do right now to stop it cause all I want to do is go to bed and sleep and never wake up but I have too much to do.

I was planning on starting a new routine tomorrow but I don’t even know if that will happen since we have to do 4 things today and still have to go visit his grandparents.

I want to get my eyebrows done, try out this $10 activity watch I found at target, get groceries and clean. I have a ton of videos to film too.

Never enough time in the day unless you don’t take time for yourself.

For right now, step one is to get off this couch and put together a bag for his grandmother’s. Step two would be to do the little bit of dishes and laundry. Step three would be to kick Hubby out of the bathroom (cause yes he’s been in there over 30 minutes) and take a shower.

… Here’s to step one… getting off the couch…

Thanks for “listening”!!

More soon!!!

xo Chelsea

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SAHM 811: Thursday Video Post: Birthday X2 (Rewind Post) {10.12.17}

Happy Thursday!

Happy Birthday to both of my Hubby’s Grandmothers!
That’s right… his mom’s mom and dad’s mom… same day!

(Stay At Home Mom Day 811)

Thank you for “listening”!!

“See” you tomorrow!!!

xo Chelsea

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SAHM 810: Wednesday Video Post: Day 3 of 3 W/O Them (Rewind Post) {10.11.17}

Happy Wednesday!

This is the last day free without them… but then again…

(Stay At Home Mom Day 810)

Thank you for “listening”!!

“See” you Tomorrow!!!

xo Chelsea

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