Video: March Flip Through {3.31.17}


Video: March Favorites {3.30.17}

Video: Weekly Planner Recap| March 20-26 {3.28.17}

SAHM Post #613: Tuesday {3.28.17}

Mostly just got some videos done today! I have videos coming out today, Thursday, Friday, and VEDA (Vlog/Video Every Day in April). Other than that… not a whole lot today. I’m pretty caught up on everything…

More when I can!!

Thanks for “listening”!!!


SAHM Post #612: Monday: Mad Monday {3.27.17}

Super tired again… Didn’t get much sleep last night… again… about to not get any sleep again cause there is about to be some unnecessary drama…

More when I can!!

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Video: Chit-Chat Vlog {3.21.17}

SAHM Post #608: Thursday {3.23.17}

My kitchen is clean, my entry way is washed, and all I have left is to clean the bathroom and vacuum my bedroom! I’m almost caught up on my zone cleaning and CM tasks. (CM meaning my Clean Mama tasks.) I can’t really “chat” cause I’m on Hubby’s computer for a couple of minutes to check his download progress and M just noticed me over here… well.. .Heard me typing away on Hubby’s VERY loud mechanical keyboard. I’ll try to update later!

More when I get a chance!!

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SAHM Post #607: Wednesday: Wonderful Wednesday {3.22.17}

Well, I have a headache again but this time I took something and it’s helped just a little. I think it’s just allergies today, but I’m still really nauseous and there is a little bit of pressure behind my eyes.

Just went out for a short walk with Melody and Hubby. I’m gonna take the pup out shortly after I’m done with this post. Working on some other posts as well, but taking my time with it cause I want it to be near perfect (to my standings only).

Anyways… Melody is on her tablet playing her games and watching Sesame Street on YouTube Kids, Hubby is building his computer, and I’m finishing up here…

More when I get a chance!!

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Video: Weekly Planner Recap {3.6.17}

SAHM Post #605: Monday {3.20.17}

Well… It’s 2pm. I have filmed 2 planner videos, taken a shower, washed my hair, changed my clothes, brushed my teeth, drank half of a 30 oz water bottle (Dollar Tree), and wiped down my bathroom. Melody has taken a nap, gotten her clothes changed, and drank half of her smoothie… so far.

Right now, I’m taking a moment to blog, Melody is watching Sesame Street on YouTube Kids while drinking her smoothie, and the dog is in need for a “bathroom break”. So while my brother-in-law, DK, is still here before he leaves for work… I’m gonna take the dog out. Then I think I’m gonna make Melody a PB&J sandwich for lunch. While she’s busy doing that, I’m gonna start cleaning my kitchen. So…

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SAHM Post #604: Sunday {3.19.17}

Yes, another super early post. Not sure what is going on today other than a second grocery shopping and I need to finish cleaning and I want to play WoW.

Hubby finally came to the realization that Horde is better than Alliance… in-game. I’m still Alliance when it comes to the movie, but when I play WoW… I’m HORDE all the way!

Anyways… Just ordered stickers cause Hubby wanted a character switched (back) to Horde so I made a deal with him. He gets to spend on the character and I get equal amount on stickers. Worked out perfectly.

We’re not being stupid with our money at least. We’ve only (now) bought two things for ourselves. We both got new computer (parts) and something to “play” with. I got my Macbook air, he gets new computer parts. He gets to switch his character over, I get stickers.

I now have a weekly kit for the last two weeks of April plus Mother’s Day and our Anniversary. Realistically I could just get 4 weekly kits and it would equal out to the same amount I spend now on just doing all colorful stickers. For July, I’m gonna do Neutral stickers. Hopefully, she’ll have the same stickers in Neutral as Multicolor.

BTW… I’m talking about WildSummerDesigns. Her website is cheaper than her Etsy plus you earn points. If you prefer Etsy, then you can sign up for Ebates and get money back. Either way you get a good deal. PLUS if you join her Facebook Group you get extra goodies too 😉 (I’ll leave links below.)

Time to start my day. I’m gonna clean the kitchen. When the kiddo goes down for her nap, I’m gonna take a shower. Then finish cleaning my apartment. I went through all her clothes the other night… yeah… I need to go through the tote in the closet and see how much I can smash in it. Or how much MORE I can smash in it.

Hopefully, I can get everything I need done today while Hubby is home and then get some of the storage done. Even if it’s just making it more organized and not smashed I’d be good… For now…

More soon!

Thanks for “listening”!!


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SAHM Post #603: Saturday: Chill Day {3.18.17}

I still haven’t done all that I need to. So I’ve decided that despite the face that I am the only one that will be getting up early tomorrow, I have decided that since I really don’t have all that much to do, really, that I need to just suck it up and do it tomorrow. I’m gonna get up, do my morning routine with Melody and then as soon as she’s down for her morning nap, I’m gonna work on the kitchen and living room.

Right now, I’m finishing up on the newest episode of Grey’s Anatomy. I really hope that Avery and Kepner get back together… I really shipped them…

Well… as much as I’d like to blabber… All I want to do is take my contacts out and chill. I have most of my night routine done and relaxing on the couch sounds soooooooo good right now!

More soon!


SAHM Post #602: Friday {3.17.17}

Well, I spent half a day yesterday with the back of my right eye hurting so bad that I just laid on the couch with Melody and waited for the pain to go away. Hubby gave me some migraine stuff and that helped after about 30 minutes… maybe longer.

So…  I still have my Zone Cleaning to do. I won’t be able to do the bathroom this morning like I was planning cause maintenance is coming (again) to do something about the brown, yellow, and black in our shower walls. Hopefully… this time they will get it gone.

It’s 8:15AM right now. I’m a little tired. Took my second to last amoxicillin and tonight I’ll take the last one. I’m supposed to take it twice a day but since it makes me sooooo drowsy, the last three days I’ve taken it just before bed. I’ll take it tonight at 11pm again and have a good night sleep.

So I have Zone Cleaning to do, the laundry is done. I’m going to start working on some deep cleaning after I do the zones. I just have a few boxes and bags to go through. I think once those are gone then I’ll feel better about our bedroom. Thinking about clearing out some of the closet and making room for our dresser. I wanna then move the crib over a little towards the bathroom and then get another 3X3 cube storage thing from Wal-Mart. It was only $35 and we have one that is currently being used by everyone, but I wanna get one for the bedroom so I can organize more of Melody’s stuff. Then I’m gonna use the one in the living room more as a base for everyone to get the things they need. I wanna get a third one for the entertainment stuff.

When we get our storage room gone through, I wanna put away any books we’re not reading. I’m probably only going to keep two series out. Maybe three.

I have a Plan With Me to edit. I filmed a few weeks in advance cause I’m changing my planning style again. I think I’m gonna like the new style in April. Gonna do a few videos hopefully today. I have like 3 or 4 to do.

I have more to say but have lots to do!

Thanks for “listening”!!

More when I can!!!



Intro: My Cleaning Routine

Let’s talk cleaning…

My new cleaning routine is going to make it so I only have to spend 15-30 minutes on each zone/room. I’ve made a quick list of the things that need to get done each day. I thought about just doing all 4 zones every day but if it ends up taking a total of 2 hours a day to clean, then that poor kid will be in her play pen or in her crib with her tablet… Okay may not sound that bad after all. I think I might be able to do it every day but… I really rather just stick to cleaning one room every day and then having my daily task list to do on top of it. Should take me at MAX 45 minutes to clean every day.

I’m using the Clean Mama Simple Cleaning tasks and then my own cleaning routine. The Clean Mama Weekly tasks are this:

  • Monday: Bathroom Day (This means just a quick wipe down of the counter(s), sink, toilet, and shower/tub.)
  • Tuesday: Dust Day (As said, just simple quick dusting of electronics, surfaces, fans, etc.)
  • Wednesday: Vacuum Day (As said, vacuuming the whole house, including hard floors.)
  • Thursday: Wash Floors Day (As said, wash the floors that need cleaning; kitchen, bathroom, door way, etc.)

She then also has a Catch-All Day and Catch-up day for Friday and Saturday. I created my own version of them. The first week I did my routine and her’s, I had hardly anything to do on the weekend, which is exactly what it was meant to do.

On my “Catch All Day”, I start planning the next week, meal plan, and pay bills, if needed. I just make it a simple day to do a few things to prep the next week. If I have more time than I expected, after these tasks plus my daily tasks, then I do 1 or 2 deep cleaning tasks. I have a list of like 10 things that need to be deep cleaned 1-2 times each month.

On my “Catch Up Day”, I will finish any zones I wasn’t able to do. For example, if I got everything done in the bathroom, except the mirror, then I’d do that. I will ONLY finish my zones on Saturday, my designated Catch Up Day. Friday is ONLY my Catch All Day. Saturday is my Catch Up Day. I will also be finishing up my laundry on my Catch Up Day.

My Laundry Routine, for now, is very simple.

  • Wednesday: Empty Hamper in morning and before bed.
  • Thursday: Empty hamper and sort clothes in morning and evening. After my Hubby gets home, I wash our jeans and all his work clothes. (Friday is Casual Friday at work for him.)
  • Friday: Empty hamper and sort clothes. I will also put away my jeans and hang up his work clothes. On this day, I will also wash our “regular” clothes and whites. Regular meaning socks, underwear, pj bottoms, and anything I can wash that’s not delicate or casual.
  • Saturday: Empty and sort (again). I’ll fold and put away the regular load and whites. I’ll also wash our casual clothes, which is mostly t-shirts but I also end up mixing them with any delicates if I need a full load.
  • Sunday: Empty and sort (one finally time till Thursday). Fold and put away my casual clothes. If there is enough to do any small loads, then most of the time I’ll do that so we only have the clothes on our backs to wash.

I’ve been doing this routine for a few months and it’s just a basic habit now. I also use Sunday as an extra catch up day. If I need to finish any laundry or zone tasks or deep cleaning tasks, then I’ll do that. The one and only week I was able to do this cleaning routine, I had NOTHING to do on Sunday. I had everything done. Then I got sick for 10 days and yeah… I’m backed up.

Luckily on this day that I am talking about my cleaning routine, my hubby has today through Sunday off so I have 4 days to get everything done. Although my goal is to get it done in one day. Should take only 1-2 hours. Laundry routine starts today (Thursday), so that will be easy to stay on top of.

I’m hoping to get laundry and zone cleaning done so that I can deep clean tomorrow and go through a lot of stuff; boxes, bags, and food.

But one task/project at a time and one day at a time.

Hope this was helpful! I’m going to do a post for each of my zone cleaning next week cause I’m gonna take pictures to go with what I’m talking about.

“Talk” soon!


PS: Here is the site to Clean Mama if you wanna know more about her cleaning routine and simple tasks.

Daily SAHM Post #599: Tuesday {3.14.17}

Feeling good but not better. Still waiting for solid poop from M. Other than that… just a lazy day at home…

Thanks for “listening”!!

More when I can!!!


Video: Chatty Vlog| February 24, 2017

YouTube Update: Planner Videos On Hold for Momenet {3.14.17}

Hey guys… So since I’ve been sick most of March and there is only one week left, I will not be putting up anymore PLANNER videos for March. I am going to try to VLOG as often as I can instead.

April 1st will start VEDA. (Video Every Day in April… I know it’s vlog but I might do a few videos instead.) This will make it hard to do Planner Videos as well but I’m gonna suck it up and do it anyways. My vlogs/videos every day in April may be short but at least they will be out there. Plus, I now have this new computer that is a MILLION times faster than my old one.

More when I can…


Video: WildSummerDesigns Haul (February 2017)

Daily SAHM Post #598: Monday No FunDay {3.13.17}

It’s 4pm and all M and I have done is watch TV. Her on her tablet watching Sesame Street and me catching up on my shows. Just a chill very lazy day.

I’m still coughing. M has a little bit of just soft D but that’s it. Her coughing sounds completely normal. She’s on a bland diet till her stuff is solid again. I’m not taking the chance of her getting worse.

She’s loving my new computer and by that I mean she keeps trying to take it cause its sooooo lite. I don’t have a CD/DVD Rom or a few things that my Pro has.

Need to eat… cause it’s actually 5pm now. I talked to my mom earlier and have been just kinda out of it most of the day as well to be honest…

More when I can…


Daily SAHM #597: Sunday Post {3.11.17}

10:55 AM

So far this morning, Hubby has broken another fever, M is still coughing but just same as usual, and I’m tired. Tired of coughing, sneezing, being sick, and just plain tired of being tired. I’ve gotten no sleep again. It felt like I got maybe a few hours but then I think back and remember waking up a lot in and out.

I don’t know how to describe what exactly I want to talk about cause well… I’m super tired and feel like I have no idea what I’m doing. I am however thinking about taking a nap but our groceries are being delivered and should be here before noonish. We were supposed to have picked up our groceries yesterday but well… let’s just say I have a few things to rant about. I might do another review on Wal-Mart Grocery Pickup…

11:30 PM

Groceries were delivered and well… yeah… I got a few things to say about that but not now. Watching Dracula with Hubby. His fever finally broke again for like the third time today. Melody has been coughing on and off. I still feel like shit and am coughing… a lot still…

I’m so exhausted… Hopefully I’ll get sleep tonight…

More when I can…


Sick Day 7 {3.12.17}

Sick Day 7

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Hubby broke another fever.

M is still fever free but has a small cough that is staying the same.

I’m exhausted. Only thing that hurts is my throat on the left side and my head.

But this is all at the moment when it’s 11am so just the start of the day…

Daily Post: Saturday: Catching Up On Us {3.11.17}

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Between Monday and today, there has been a lot of sickness going around. First, NN was sick over the weekend. Next, I started to get sick on Monday. Then progressively got worse. Melody got sick on Wednesday, I got the worst of it on Thursday and ended up going to the Urgent Care, Hubby sick Friday… Yeah… It’s been rough.

Only upside has been that Hubby surprised me with a new laptop. And I surprised him with new computer parts. So, yes it’s been bad… but not all bad. This is only the third time I’ve used my new computer.

But anyways…

It’s 10pm and Hubby wants to just watch a movie and chill, which is good cause he still has a fever. It was 102.4 then 101.4, then 101.9….

So hopefully his fever will go down.

More when I can…


Sick Day 6 {March 11, 2017}


March 11, 2017

Other than my Wal-Mart Grocery Pickup getting all f*ed up…

We’re all sick and don’t feel good. Even had to reschedule our eye appointment.

Gonna attempt to eat a double cheeseburger from In&Out Burger…

More tomorrow… so… tired…

Sick Day 5 {March 10, 2017}

Sick Day 5

March 10, 2017

Guess what?! Now, Hubby is sick with a fever. (Oh forgot to mention that the kiddo has a fever most of Wednesday. She’s normal now but…) Kiddo is starting to cough but I’m hoping it’s from drinking her Pedialyte and her bath. I’m starting to feel just a little bit better…

I’m thinking about plugging in my computer and calling it a night early cause sleep will make us feel better. Maybe I can even get Hubby off the computer and go to bed with me…

Sick Day 4 {March 9, 2017}

Sick Day 4

March 9, 2017

Okay. Hubby isn’t feeling good so he took another day off. Turned out he was just exhausted. I went to the urgent care and found out that it’s just some kind of bacterial thing going on. Haven’t been this sick in over 5 years. I have antibiotics but my voice is at nearly nothing. Kiddo has been glued to me all day. She didn’t like seeing the doctor near me either. She just went to bed though, willingly, and now I’m about to go too.