SAHM Day#676: Tuesday Post {5.30.17}

Hey Everyone!

I know it’s been a few days. My place has been staying pretty clean! I have the bedroom done 100%, minus the closet. I just have 2 “shit baskets” to go through or/and put away, the closet, and put away the pictures in the hallway cause we most likely will be moving in September to a first floor apartment so rather than hanging up more stuff we need to take down in a few months, just put it away.

My mind keeps telling me that I should just leave my closet if we’re possibly moving in 3 months but my mind is also arguing that I should just get it done since everything in the storage will be the first to go down the stairs…

We had a pretty good weekend. Today’s DK is with his grandparents so I have been vlogging since he left around 10am. It’s only almost 2pm… So yeah… I got some good footage… I just hope that it doesn’t do the stupid fast forward thing when I add the clip to the movie because I got some really good footage today…

In fact, I really don’t have much more to say and think I’m gonna see if it does… hopefully not since I changed the settings…

But anyways…

Thank you for “hearing” me out today!!

More Soon!!!

xo Chelsea


SAHM #672: Friday Post {5.26.17}

Hey everyone!

Sorry I’ve been a bit M.I.A. for a bit… or so…

I’ve been struggling a lot with life lately. If you’ve watched my vlogs or watched any of my videos recently, then you know that we had some family move here. I can give you one guess on who… Yup… THEM… EG is back and this time the visit is PERMANENT. They are 45 minutes away… or rather will be once the floors are done, appliances are put in, and the walls are painted… and of course all their stuff is moved from here to there.

It hasn’t been bad since they have been here though. They got here on Hubby’s birthday, May 15th. They have been going, going, going with getting stuff done so they can move in and finally be HOME.

His grandmother and I have talked and have come to an agreement so I hope it stays the way that it has been said. I’m hoping we only have to see them 1-2 times a week. Once here, once there. It would be nice to have set days on when we see them. I’m hoping we can start with 0-1 day a week and work on things from there.

Since they have been here, I have been working my ass off in getting my home… to feel like… HOME. I’m just about there. I really wish I had taken before and after pictures of the rooms I’ve already done. If you don’t know already, we live in a 2 bed 2 bath apartment. There are 3 adults, 1 toddler, and 1 mastiff living in this small apartment. I say “small” cause even though it’s supposed to be bigger than our last two apartments, I still feel like it’s actually smaller.

I have gotten the kitchen almost done, the living is done, the bedroom is what I’m working on now, and then just our VERY messy, unorganized closet. We also have several pictures to put up but I honestly don’t want to have them up since we are seriously considering a move. No where different, just down to the first floor. We are spending way too much time indoors and way too much on electricity. Our most recent bill for electricity was over $100!! When my husband and I lived with his aunt, before we were married and on our own, one of the bills that was part of our rent was the electricity bill. It was $199 a month, every month. The fact that we paid just over half of that for our apartment that is less than half the size of her house… yeah… enough said…

It will be a little more to be on the first floor, but if it’s only for a year, then I’m okay with that. I think that we will be able to save money since we won’t be paying so much for electricity.

Oh… Did I mention that my Hubby got promoted? Yes, I’m very proud. He’s not a supervisor, yet, like we’re waiting for, but there is a significant weight that has been lifted off our shoulders with this promotion. Though he’s only been promoted for almost a month and we have only seen one paycheck since then, it’s gonna be okay cause we have an idea of what he will be making monthly. (Bonus not included since it differs each month.)

Well, almost 600 words in and I’m ready to get some stuff done before everyone comes over. We usually go over to his aunt’s cause it’s bigger and there are no stairs, but her house is currently being used as storage until THEY can move into THEIR own home.

More soon!!

Thank you so much for “listening”!!!

XO Chelsea

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SAHM Post #657: Thursday Post {5.11.17}

A lot has been going on these past few weeks. I was really hoping to get back to my daily posts but more and more life events and situations and whatnot has been going on.

Let’s just skip to the current day… Today is Thursday, May 11th…

Kiddo woke up unhappy and is currently putting some food in her tummy right now. I’m hoping that when I take a shower here shortly that with food in her full tummy, that she might go back to sleep for her nap. She only slept just under an hour before waking up right before Hubby got home.

Speaking of Hubby… He has a 4-Day weekend starting tomorrow. Tomorrow, I’m hoping we can get a few things done before he gets on the computer and has his raid at 5:30pm. Saturday, we’re going up to see his dad to celebrate Hubby’s birthday. Sunday is Mother’s Day and most likely we’ll be having dinner with his aunt to celebrate Hubby’s birthday. Monday is Hubby’s birthday… AND…

THEY return Monday night after signing their house away. A week from tomorrow, they will be getting their keys to the house they bought. BUT…

They won’t be moving until they get their floors done… Hopefully between the time they got home (Monday) and when they get the keys, they’ll have the flooring figured out.

All of their stuff is being stored at his aunt’s which means they will be HERE constantly… *Instant unhappy stressed out face here*…

So… if I do a ranting video or have nothing on my social media or have a videos up or don’t have any posts up… you’ll know why… *Disappointed face here*


I’ll do what I can to get videos up and posts…

Thank you for “hearing” me out and always “listening”!!

More soon!!!


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SAHM #647: Monday Post: I’m back! {5.1.17}

Good Morning Everyone!!

I’m back to “written” posts other than my normal 2-4 videos a week on my channel. I have lots to tell you, though if you’ve been watching my vlogs you already know what’s going on…

But I’m not gonna say anything now, because I have things to do this week before THEY come back. This will be the last “visit” before they are here permanently…

Look for a few videos this week and then hopefully when they are here and after we’ve moved their stuff from NN’s to THEIR house I can get back to my normal schedule…


Just thought I’d come on here and let you guys know that I’m nearly back to normal daily “written” posts.

“See” you guys soon!!