SAHM #484: Saturday Post {11.19.16}

Got a late start to what I wanted to, per usual. Hubby went to bed at 8:30pm and got up at 4:30am. Then he played WoW (World of Warcraft) till almost 3:30pm. We finally got out of the house and went to Big Lots and 99 cent store. We sent less than half that we do usually every week.

THEY will be here Monday :-/

Hubby is currently at his aunt’s bitching about work. Probably smoking too. Some day he is going to end up in the hospital and be told he shouldn’t smoke anymore… Doesn’t he know that cancer runs in his family?! I really hope that I’m not a widow by the age of 30… and I’m not being negative it’s just fact.

Anyways… I’m on his computer and debating on playing WoW or not… so…

That’s it for now!

More soon!!

Thanks for “listening”!!!


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