SAHM #714: Friday Post {7.7.17}

Hubby’s Dad and family are coming over tomorrow early afternoon which means I have a shit ton to do. So here I am posting EXTREMELY early.

Current time is 8:05am. I have been up for about 2 hours now. Someone decided to get up earlier than the norm so here we are.

I’m super tired still, but I have coffee and I have a ton to clean and get done and organized before they get here.

In a more positive note, today is the first of 4 days of the Extreme Planner Collab Sale. WildSummerDesigns is upon those shops that are part of it, and there are a TON. So I will be posting on and off today and then a few times the next few days. I’m just gonna play it smart and use Hootsuite to post so I can just do what I need to and only hop on my phone a few times. Just a lot easier… so look for me on all my Social Media Pages and check out the HUGE sticker sale if you’re into that kind of thing. WSD is offering 60% off!! This means, for example, if you have a cart of $75, you’ll only pay $30+shipping!! SOOOOOOOO much savings!!!

I gotta go!

More soon!!

Thanks for “hearing” me out!!!

xo Chelsea


A WonderFULL Friday Morning!

Friday Morning 2

Technically there is still 20 minutes before the afternoon begins so… yeah…

I’ve gotten a lot done. The kid is taken care, the dog is taken care of, I’ve vacuumed, towel just need to be folded, laundry is started, bed is stripped so I can wash it, and I’m getting my grocery list together. I’ve still got a lot to do today but I’ve been cleaning and getting a lot done already. I’m starting to get hungry so I might order pizza… but I might just make mac n cheese again instead so that we can save that $15 for pizza tonight.

Sis is up so that means that I can get some louder stuff done. My tripod pieces have arrived so I can catch up on my videos this weekend. I have quite a few too.

Lots to do!

“See” you soon!

Thanks for “listening” as always!


Status Update: Friday Morning (7/24/15)

Friday Morning

July 24, 2015

Friday Morning 2

Daily Post: Back to Work: Day 5 of 7

To start off the… it’s… PAY DAY!!

Bills are paid, things are done before work, and got an interesting look going right now…

I’ve put together a Black and Orange look using WetNWild Limited Edition Halloween products…


Sorry so short but I’m short on time… Got less than 2 hours before I start at 2pm for work… plus… it’s WAREHOUSE day…

More tomorrow!!

Thanks for “listening”!!!

Lady Complainer