Video: Clean With Me: Kitchen (Part 2) {YouTube}

Part 2 of yesterday’s video!


Video: Cook and Clean With Me {YouTube}

Let’s cook and clean!

Video: Sticky Situations Co Haul {11.17.17}

Enjoy this sticker haul!
The two different sets of clips were almost a month apart.

Video: Power Hour #2

Yup… Time for another Power Hour!

Video: Clean With Me: Bathroom {11.1.17}

Video: Clean With Me: Living Room {10.31.17}

Video: Plan With Me featuring “Trick o Treat” from WildSummerDesigns

Video: November Sticker Haul featuring WildSummerDesigns

Video: November Sticker Haul {Nov 2017}

Video: VLOG (Friday, 10/20/17)

Video: Clean With Me: Kitchen {10.24.17}

Video: Plan With Me: Haunt It (October 23-29, 2017) {10.23.17}

Happy Monday!

This week’s spread features “Haunt It” by WildSummerDesigns!

Video: Random Grocery Haul

Video: Weekly Planner Recap (October 9-15)

Video: Chit Chat With Chelsea #2

I never expected to talk about my daughter but considering YouTube is my outlet…

Video: Plan With Me: Wicked (October 16-22, 2017) {10.16.17}

Happy Monday!

Time for this week’s Plan With Me!
This week is featuring “Wicked” by WildSummerDesigns!

Video: VLOG| Filming, hanging out, Laundry| 10.10.17

Video: Power Hour: Nap Time Cleaning

Video: Get Ready With Me: Daily Lazy Mom Look

Video: Life Update (October 2-8, 2017)

Video: Weekly Planner Recap: Freestyle Spread (10.2.17) {10.10.17}

Video: Plan With Me 10.9 (October 9-15) {10.9.17}

Happy Monday!

This week’s Plan With Me is “Meow” by WildSummerDesigns in my Erin Condren Vertical Neutral Life Planner.


Video: Clean With Me (Totally Random) {10.5.17}

Totally random decision to film a Clean With Me but I hope you enjoy anyways!
Happy Thursday!

Video: Planner Recap (September 25-October 1) {10.4.17}

Happy Wednesday!

Two videos in less than 12 hours!
Here is a recap on last week’s spread!
Please let me know if you enjoy these kind of videos!
I know personally it’s a hit or miss for myself whether I will watch or not…

Video: Weekly Life Update (September 25-October 1) {10.3.17}

Happy Tuesday!

Here is a random video for you guys!
I did a “Weekly” Life Update.
If weekly is too often, please let me know in a comment down below so that I can spread it out more!