Mom Life: Wednesday Post {11.15.17}

Happy Wednesday!

(Stay At Home Mom Day 845)


We are having lunch with them today… I don’t know what time we will get home… before 4pm I know that… I’m hoping that DK works today and when I get back I can do some videos. I need to just suck it up and get them done…

But anyways…

Wish me luck!

I’ll be back very soon!!

xo Chelsea

Planner Girl Stuff: Midweek 8.7

Here is the Midweek post of this week’s spread.
Fairy Garden by WildSummerDesigns
ECLP Neutral Vertical 2018

Erin Condren Life Planner
Vertical Neutral 2018
Fairy Garden by WildSummerDesigns

Midweek Post: YT Schedule

Hey guys and gals!

So today I’ve been busy cleaning and trying to get things ready for my videos. I had reload my video twice to get it up once. Luckily, I have the best kid in the world so we were able to get up and then go back to sleep after her bottle. She’s doing really good. We are transitioning her from the Pack N Play (PNP) napper to the PNP crib. So in other words, we removed the napper and now she’s underneath that where the crib is. Right now, she’s sleeping in it. Well… Napping…

{After a short break, she woke up…. She is now in her bouncer.}

So… This is how it’s going to play out, if I haven’t already mentioned it…

Mondays are Day In The Life (DITL).

Tuesdays are/will be Plan With Me (PWM).

Wednesdays will be with DITL is posted.

Thursdays will be a regular vide. However, this will only be 1-3 times a month.

Fridays will be a Recap.

Saturdays will be when the video (if any) is posted.

Sundays will be when the PWM is posted.

Mondays will be also be when the Recaps will be posted.

I will also be vlogging (Video Blogging) on birthdays, holidays, and sometimes on the weekend or when there is actually something to vlog about… so when I’m out of the house. Unfortunately, Hubby is now carpooling with a coworker, so our car won’t be available until his coworker gets a car. Or we get a second car. (So when Hubby gets his promotion and our debt is WAY low.)

So yeah there’s the schedule for YouTube (YT) for now. Our internet sucks! It’s been really slow the last few days…

Well… with that I gotta go… Need to eat and I wanna clean up the living room. Plus, I wanna prep for dinner tonight and get other things ready for the rest of the day plus start getting things ready for tomorrow.

“See” you soon!


Got questions? Ideas for a post or video you’d like see/read? Let me know in a comment or email me!