Mom Life: Wednesday Post {12.6.17}

I got up at 6:30am yesterday with her. Then I was up till 3am.

No fever, changed her clothes, changed her pull-up, fresh bottle…

Hubby ended up sleeping out in the living room on the couch.

She had no nap, bedtime at 7:30pm… slept till 10:45pm and then was up till 3am… I didn’t sleep till 4 and then she woke up at 8:30am…

So here I am working on a blog post with no sleep…

But I suppose it could be worse…

That’s all folks!

More when I can!!

Thank you for “listening”!!!

xo Chelsea

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Planner Girl Stuff: Glamicorn Preview 8.14

Preview into the week of August 14’s spread
Glamicorn by WildSummerDesigns in my ECLP2018 Vertical Neutral

Planner Girl Stuff: Fairy Garden Full Week

Full Week
Fairy Garden by WildSummerDesigns
ECLP 2018 Vertical Neutral

Full Week
Fairy Garden by WSD
ECLP2018 Vertical Neutral

Planner Girl Stuff: Fairy Garden Second Half

Fairy Garden by WildSummerDesigns in
ECLP 2018 Vertical Neutral

Second Half
Fairy Garden by WildSummerDesigns
ECLP 2018 Vertical Neutral

Planner Girl Stuff: Midweek 8.7

Here is the Midweek post of this week’s spread.
Fairy Garden by WildSummerDesigns
ECLP Neutral Vertical 2018

Erin Condren Life Planner
Vertical Neutral 2018
Fairy Garden by WildSummerDesigns

Planner Girl Stuff: Preview of August 7-13, 2017

First and Second Half Preview
August 7-13, 2017
Fairy Garden by WildSummerDesigns
ECLP 2018 Vertical Neutral

First Half Preview 8.7
“Fairy Garden” by WildSummerDesigns
Second Half Preview 8.7
“Fairy Garden” by WildSummerDesigns

Planner Pic: Second Half Preview 7.3.17 {7.6.17}

Second Half Preview
4th of July Kit
ECLP Neutral Vertical 2018

Planner Pic: MidWeek 7.3.17 {7.5.17}

4th of July Kit
ECLP2018 Neutral Vertical

SAHM #395: Monday Post {8.22.16}

Today was a good day. I got some much needed sleep. M let me sleep while she watched Blue’s Clues, ate her breakfast, and stay hydrated with water and apple juice. I woke up just in time to change her diaper, make a bottle, put her down for her morning nap, and film a little more. And then of course I went back to sleep. Hubby woke me by coming home early. M and I slept from 10:30 AM (ish) to about 12:30 PM (ish). Then we had lunch, played, filmed, talked to Sis when she got home, wished Sis good luck for her interview, and off to the afternoon nap M went at 3:15pm. I finished filming and then just kinda played with some Happy Mail I got. Two out of three showed up today. The third I’m still waiting to ship. The estimated ship date is August 29th but I REALLY hope that it comes sooner. Found out that THEY are coming back… FRIDAY! That’s right… they have been gone two weeks tomorrow and are already coming back. I don’t know why they are coming back so soon but I just hope they don’t stay long…

Anyways… almost done editing my DITL (Day In The Life) video. My program just decided to quit in the middle of me finishing up. So I decided to take a break. I have a video posted today that I wanna promote and then there is one going up tomorrow at 5pm PST. My DITL should be going up Wednesday (at 5 AM PST).


That’s it for now!

Thanks for “listening”!!

More tomorrow!!!


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January 1st through 4th Catchup

Hey You!

(First of all, thank you for finding me!)

Not much has happened, but a lot has happened. New Year’s Eve was a bore. New Year’s Day was uneventful and a little lazy. Although, I did get what I wanted to get done for that day’s project. The next day, January 2… Well… Sis’s side was in pain again. Long story short, she went to an Urgent Care and found out she pulled the muscle again. The last time it happened was when she was way before she moved in. Doctor’s solution is diet and exercise. We are ALL now going on a diet and exercise plan. I realize we are all young and healthy, for the most part, but at ages 19, 27, and 29, I think we could do better. Yesterday, January 3rd, we went to NN’s house and had Taco Bell and played a couple of games of Skip Bo. Hubby and I versus NN and Sis was fun! We won too! Then we played another round of partners, but switched… Didn’t work out. Last round was playing individually. NN won!

Today was a big milestone day for M!¬†She now knows how to raspberry! M is only 23.5 weeks old. She has been working on trying to raspberry for the last 2.5 weeks! She’ll be 6 months on the 24th of this month!

Other than those few things…

I am got a couple of things off Amazon with the gift cards that we got from my dad and grandparents. I got a tripod with mount for my iPhone, a wireless button to take videos and pictures in a click, and a lens that will work for my camera, phone, laptop, and tablet. I will be taking pictures and posting the products on Instagram.

Speaking of Instagram… I will be posting a recap, preview, mid-week, and second half pictures of my layout/week in my ECLP (Erin Condren Life Planner). I am also going to attempt to post OOTDs (Outfit of the Day) as often as I can. Snapchat is another social media account that I have that I am going to work on doing regularly. Periscope I will be on 2-5 times a week as well. I have a plan for my YouTube channel, too, but I won’t get into that since it changes often. My “ME” time is based on my family schedule. At the moment, after 10pm, when I put M down, is my “ME” time… However, I try to go to bed somewhere between 11:30pm and 12:30am so I get at least 5-6 hours of sleep. M has been sleeping all night and waking up around 6:30am. Hubby is doing over time all month so I am going to try to gently take her from her bed to her chair and hope that she doesn’t wake. Hubby’s alarm is going to be going off around 6:30am and he never gets up right away but hits snooze for nearly 30-45 minutes. I just don’t want his phone waking her up if she is going to sleep long. I sleep when she sleeps. I do what I need to during her naps.

Well, it’s almost midnight and I’d like to try to get a couple other things done before I head to bed.

Good night!


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