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It’s Monday!
That means a NEW Plan With Me!

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Happy Monday!

It’s Monday which means a new Plan With Me!

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TV Talk: September Season Premieres

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

  • Coulson is director
  • Coulson is distant
  • Xena (Lucy Lawless) guest stars!!!
  • Fitz is not the same since his drowning or Simmons leaves… WAIT… Simmons leaves!!
  • Grant is prisoner and still “loves” Skye
  • Not sure what to expect for the season but… I’m a little excited…

Chicago Fire

  • Shay is dead!!!!!! OMG!!! WTF!!!!
  • Severide disappears!!!
  • Will Gabby and Casey ever get married since Shay’s death is so hard on Gabby?
  • Why is Boden so stand offish?! He should be excited since he’s to be a father!!
  • Mouch is happy!!! AWWWW!!!!
  • Mills gets ignored after return… but… understandable since he lived and Shay died…
  • Gabby shouldn’t have to lie to Casey on where she has been going… If she gets caught… they could be done…
  • I don’t believe that Gabby should leave and be a firefighter… I’m all about girl power but… I think she will be done with if she goes to another house…

Law&Order: SVU

  • Amarro is in anger management… Not surprised…
  • Baby Noah avenged
  • Baby Noah in great hands with Benson!
  • New guy is quite annoying… no?
  • Amarro goes undercover… and very convincing…

Chicago PD

  • Secret spilled
  • Lindsey is VERY upset with Voight
  • I’m still pulling for Erin and Jay to get together…
  • Secret Romance: Burgess and Ruzek
  • $100,000 bounty on Jay’s head…


  • Barnes is preggers!!!??? Is it Fordham’s or Barkley’s???
  • Will she keep the baby???
  • Rayna picks Luke!!! This is a good idea considering her other choice is full of heartache…


  • Booth is free!!!
  • Bones finds that both she and Booth are both different
  • Sweets to be a dad to Daisy’s baby!!!!
  • … Sweets is dead!!!! Why did Sweets have to die!!!! Why this season!!!!


  • Olivia+Jake= Forever
  • Harrison dead!!!???? WTF
  • Poor Millie!!! My love for her is love and hate… and seeing her this way… I love her cause I feel sorry for her!!!
  • Huck and Quinn… incesting??? WTF does that mean!!! They need to just forgive each other and get back together!!
  • I hope Olivia will always pick Jake over the president!

Grey’s Anatomy

  • Grey and McDreamy together forever
  • Wish Christina would have stayed!!!
  • Hope the season is bareable!!!

Once Upon A Time

  • Note To Self: I need to watch Frozen to figure out the Elsa story
  • Swan and Hook forever
  • I feel bad for the Evil Queen and hope she gets Robin back!


  • Emily can only have happiness if she’s not indulged for Revenge… Whether for herself or others…
  • David is back from the dead!!!!
  • Victoria escapes… yeah… not surprised
  • Will Emily ever stop the Revenge stuff!!!????
  • Will Emily and Jack ever get together?
  • Will Emily ever tell Charlotte that they are sisters…????


  • Six months and no Castle?!?!?!
  • Does Castle have secrets?
  • What really happened with Castle?
  • I don’t think there will be trust between Castle and Beckett for a short time…
  • Will marriage even be an option again?

Okay these are my notes on the Fall Season Premieres in September…


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