Video: Clean With Me: Kitchen (Part 2) {YouTube}

Part 2 of yesterday’s video!


Video: Cook and Clean With Me {YouTube}

Let’s cook and clean!

Video: Sticky Situations Co Haul {11.17.17}

Enjoy this sticker haul!
The two different sets of clips were almost a month apart.

Video: Power Hour #2

Yup… Time for another Power Hour!

Video: Clean With Me: Bathroom {11.1.17}

Video: Clean With Me: Living Room {10.31.17}

Video: Plan With Me featuring “Trick o Treat” from WildSummerDesigns

Video: November Sticker Haul featuring WildSummerDesigns

Video: November Sticker Haul {Nov 2017}

Video: VLOG (Friday, 10/20/17)

Video: Clean With Me: Kitchen {10.24.17}

Video: Plan With Me: Haunt It (October 23-29, 2017) {10.23.17}

Happy Monday!

This week’s spread features “Haunt It” by WildSummerDesigns!

Video: Random Grocery Haul

Video: October Ipsy Unboxing

Video: Weekly Planner Recap (October 9-15)

Video: Chit Chat With Chelsea #2

I never expected to talk about my daughter but considering YouTube is my outlet…

Video: Plan With Me: Wicked (October 16-22, 2017) {10.16.17}

Happy Monday!

Time for this week’s Plan With Me!
This week is featuring “Wicked” by WildSummerDesigns!

Video: VLOG| Filming, hanging out, Laundry| 10.10.17

SAHM 811: Thursday Video Post: Birthday X2 (Rewind Post) {10.12.17}

Happy Thursday!

Happy Birthday to both of my Hubby’s Grandmothers!
That’s right… his mom’s mom and dad’s mom… same day!

(Stay At Home Mom Day 811)

Thank you for “listening”!!

“See” you tomorrow!!!

xo Chelsea

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Video: Power Hour: Nap Time Cleaning

SAHM 810: Wednesday Video Post: Day 3 of 3 W/O Them (Rewind Post) {10.11.17}

Happy Wednesday!

This is the last day free without them… but then again…

(Stay At Home Mom Day 810)

Thank you for “listening”!!

“See” you Tomorrow!!!

xo Chelsea

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Video: Life Update (October 2-8, 2017)

Video: Weekly Planner Recap: Freestyle Spread (10.2.17) {10.10.17}

SAHM 809: Tuesday Video Post: Day 2 of 3 W/O Them {10.10.17}

Happy Tuesday!

Today was a very fast day…

(Stay AT Home Mom Day 809)

Thank you for “listening”!!

“See” you tomorrow!!!

xo Chelsea

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