Video: Plan With Me featuring “Trick o Treat” from WildSummerDesigns


Video: Plan With Me: Haunt It (October 23-29, 2017) {10.23.17}

Happy Monday!

This week’s spread features “Haunt It” by WildSummerDesigns!

Video: Plan With Me: Wicked (October 16-22, 2017) {10.16.17}

Happy Monday!

Time for this week’s Plan With Me!
This week is featuring “Wicked” by WildSummerDesigns!

Planner Girl Stuff: Fairy Garden Full Week

Full Week
Fairy Garden by WildSummerDesigns
ECLP 2018 Vertical Neutral

Full Week
Fairy Garden by WSD
ECLP2018 Vertical Neutral

Planner Girl Stuff: Fairy Garden Second Half

Fairy Garden by WildSummerDesigns in
ECLP 2018 Vertical Neutral

Second Half
Fairy Garden by WildSummerDesigns
ECLP 2018 Vertical Neutral

Planner Pic: Second Half Preview 7.3.17 {7.6.17}

Second Half Preview
4th of July Kit
ECLP Neutral Vertical 2018

Video: Plan With Me: Work (WildSummerDesigns) {June 12-18}

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Video: Plan With Me: Planner Boss by WildSummerDesigns {5.14.17}

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Video: Day 24: Weekly Planner Recap (April 17-23) {VEDA 2017}

Video: Day 16: Plan With Me: Lavender Love (April 17-23) {VEDA 2017}

Video: Weekly Planner Recap {3.6.17}

SAHM #497: Friday Post {12.2.16}

Would you believe me if I told you that everything in life is going well? There is minimal drama and it’s not even mine… Yeah it’s true, folks! There really hasn’t been any drama so far other than the small amount with Hubby’s family. His parents are divorced and well… each side hates the other even though they say they don’t. I’m just glad that his mom isn’t here to see all the drama between him and his dad because I know damn well that she would be the shield. My mother-in-law (RIP) was an amazing woman and though I only got to know her for a very short time, I know that if she was here… M would be spoiled rotten by her grandmother. The plan was that when DK turned 18 and graduated that DK and his mom were gonna get away from HIM and move out here. Even though they would have no money of their own… We’d make sure they were here after graduation. My mother-in-law would have cried and would have been there for our wedding and the birth of our child. She would have been amazing as a mother-in-law and grandmother. Maybe we’d even have a bigger place cause I know she’d be babysitting while I went back to work after taking a year off. Or 6 months or whatever. I think I would have taken a long LOA or as long as I could (and still get paid). Then I’d be working part-time until I felt comfortable leaving M all day. I know she’d be with family but… it’s always hard to not be around her. She drives me nuts sometimes but she’s MY kid… ya know…

Anyways… doing this super early cause my Black Friday Order is here and after I get dressed and the kiddo is awake, I’m gonna get Vlogmas Day 1 up and be vlogging day 2… plus since my order is here early I’ll be filming some things early! I’m sooooo excited!!!

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