Video: Plan With Me: Eternal Beauty (WildSummerDesigns) {9.25.17}

It’s Monday!
That means a NEW Plan With Me!

(Eternal Beauty by WildSummerDesigns)


Video: October Setup With Me {9.24.17}

Video: Plan With Me: Hello Autumn (WildSummerDesigns) {9.18.17}

Happy Monday!

It’s Monday which means a new Plan With Me!

(Hello Autumn by WildSummerDesigns)

Video: Plan With Me featuring WSD “Fall Days” {9.11.17}

Planner Girl Stuff: Midweek 8.7

Here is the Midweek post of this week’s spread.
Fairy Garden by WildSummerDesigns
ECLP Neutral Vertical 2018

Erin Condren Life Planner
Vertical Neutral 2018
Fairy Garden by WildSummerDesigns

Planner Girl Stuff: Preview of August 7-13, 2017

First and Second Half Preview
August 7-13, 2017
Fairy Garden by WildSummerDesigns
ECLP 2018 Vertical Neutral

First Half Preview 8.7
“Fairy Garden” by WildSummerDesigns
Second Half Preview 8.7
“Fairy Garden” by WildSummerDesigns

SAHM #714: Friday Post {7.7.17}

Hubby’s Dad and family are coming over tomorrow early afternoon which means I have a shit ton to do. So here I am posting EXTREMELY early.

Current time is 8:05am. I have been up for about 2 hours now. Someone decided to get up earlier than the norm so here we are.

I’m super tired still, but I have coffee and I have a ton to clean and get done and organized before they get here.

In a more positive note, today is the first of 4 days of the Extreme Planner Collab Sale. WildSummerDesigns is upon those shops that are part of it, and there are a TON. So I will be posting on and off today and then a few times the next few days. I’m just gonna play it smart and use Hootsuite to post so I can just do what I need to and only hop on my phone a few times. Just a lot easier… so look for me on all my Social Media Pages and check out the HUGE sticker sale if you’re into that kind of thing. WSD is offering 60% off!! This means, for example, if you have a cart of $75, you’ll only pay $30+shipping!! SOOOOOOOO much savings!!!

I gotta go!

More soon!!

Thanks for “hearing” me out!!!

xo Chelsea

Planner Pic: MidWeek 7.3.17 {7.5.17}

4th of July Kit
ECLP2018 Neutral Vertical

Video: Plan With Me: Work (WildSummerDesigns) {June 12-18}