Hello June

Oh June… I hope we have a wonderful month!
It’s gonna be very busy and very life changing…
I hope you bring me a warm Summer and another happy month!

xo Chelsea


Goodbye May

This month has had a lot going on… New Team Lead to my daughter’s OT, Hubby’s birthday, drama with family, learning new things, someone becoming a blabber mouth (my daughter), and making our new apartment into a real home!

Goodbye May! We had fun, didn’t we?

See you next month!

xo Chelsea

Status Update: IT’S MOVE DAY!!! {4.14.18}

And so the countdown begins! {4.4.18}

Move day is 10 days from 9am today!

Hello Spring!

Hello Spring!
I’m ready for everyday good weather!
And yes… Bring on the showers!

Goodbye Winter

I don’t care what anyone says…
I know AZ is a “warm” state… but this winter has been cold!
Goodbye Winter!
Hello Spring!

Planner Pic: Second Half Preview 7.3.17 {7.6.17}

Second Half Preview
4th of July Kit
ECLP Neutral Vertical 2018

Planner Pic: MidWeek 7.3.17 {7.5.17}

4th of July Kit
ECLP2018 Neutral Vertical

Spread 7.3.17 (so far)

Before the Pen
4th of July Weekly Kit
First Half PREVIEW
4th of July Weekly Kit
ECLP2018 Vertical Neutral

Check out WildSummerDesigns website! Also Epic July Sale July 7-10!

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Last Week’s Spread

This is last week’s spread using WildSummerDesigns in my Neutral Vertical Erin Condren Life Planner. You can find posts of this spread from beginning to end on my Instagram.

xo Chelsea

Goodbye February, Hello March!


Picture: Happy New Year (2017)

My First (Selfie) Pic of 2017

Goodbye 2016… Hello 2017


Goodbye November… Hello December